Community Petition Hits 5,000 Signatures

11th June 2024

Following a shortfall in funding for the National Education Centre of the Great Barrier Reef, Reef HQ Aquarium, Townsville Enterprise commenced a community petition calling on locals, marine advocates, and visitors to share their support and call for full Government Funding. Today a milestone of 5,000 signatures has been achieved.  

Townsville Enterprise CEO Claudia Brumme-Smith says that the support for this project has been sensational, and it is really a no brainer for Government to back.  

“It doesn’t matter who you talk to at the moment, the local school students, world leading scientists, traditional owners, or the general public – right now everyone is standing united and calling for full funding for our national education centre of the Great Barrier Reef – Reef HQ Aquarium,” said Ms. Brumme-Smith 

"We must remember that it’s not just Townsville’s aquarium; this is the national reef education centre, representing the world’s most well-known reef ecosystem. It represents the stories of science, of conservation and of cultural significance. The facility is owned by the federal government – they need to take responsibility for reopening it." 

“We will be taking the thousands of signatures this petition has gained as well as dozens of letters of support from local businesses and about 50 beautiful hand drawn pictures from local students to the Prime Minister to call on the full funding.” 

“It's not too late to show your support, head to Townsville Enterprise and follow the prompts to sign the petition, the more support we have the better.”  

“We cannot stand to lose the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium and we will continue to advocate alongside the community to see this critical facility rebuilt. This is about our children and future generations – they deserve this.” 

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