Why invest in Townsville North Queensland?

Townsville North Queensland is a unique proposition for investment and prosperity.

Townsville is the 13th largest city in Australia, and by far the largest population base in Northern Australia. The region has one of the most diverse economies in regional Australia, is widely recognised as the commercial hub of Northern Australia and maintains an enviable lifestyle for residents and a stunning natural environment.

With a robust commercial base and an ambition for greater population, prosperity and progress Townsville North Queensland provides a wealth of opportunities to live, work, invest and develop.

The region is proud of its economic heritage founded on a strong base of agriculture and resources, Australia’s largest military base, a port boasting a broad based trade profile and a world class university. To this foundation, the region continues to add growing strengths in industries including tourism, research, services and the addition of a second university.

Opportunity Townsville North Queensland - Edition 06

Major Economic Development Initiatives and Investment Opportunities

Welcome to the sixth edition of Townsville Enterprise’s annual economic development and investment publication, Opportunity Townsville North Queensland (OTNQ). Here you will find a comprehensive guide into the established and developing industries in the region, provided through informative overviews of projects recently delivered, under construction or in various stages of development.



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