No longer an optional extra, your business doing its fair share to protect the environment is expected by guests (and grant providers and tourism award judges) – and being sustainable can save your business money! Now is right time to leverage the competitive advantages of being sustainable. 

Sustainable Tourism Toolkit

The Sustainable Tourism Toolkit is designed to help tourism businesses across Australia to begin their journey to become more sustainable.

Consumer research shows that 74% of travellers are looking for more sustainable options (Source:, Sustainable Travel Report 2023).

The Toolkit is a practical guide for tourism businesses. It helps them to respond to growing consumer demand for sustainable travel choices.

The Toolkit gives clear, simple advice. It helps small to medium-sized tourism operators start on the path to sustainability.

Use this toolkit by the Australian Government to help you become a sustainable tourism business, balancing the needs of people and place with profit. Whether you’re starting out in tourism or have been in the industry for a while, you benefit by keeping up with visitors’ demand for sustainability.

Sustainable Tourism Toolkit

How to be a sustainable business (checklist)

Easily identify ways your business can improve its sustainability. Using this checklist is a simple but comprehensive way that tourism businesses can reduce their impact in relation to  the following:

  • Greenhouse gases (emissions) 
  • Waste reduction 
  • Water consumption 
  • Wastewater management 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Ecosystem conservation 
  • Land use  
  • Air and noise pollution 
  • Supporting local and Indigenous culture 
  • Providing economic benefit to local and Indigenous communities 
  • Responsible purchasing 


How to save money by reducing emissions

ecoBiz helps businesses learn how to reduce costs and emissions through better energy, water, and waste management.

If your business has 5+ staff, you can have a free business assessment by a sustainability coach, including a site visit, a review of your bills, one-on-one coaching, and personalised recommendations to save on your energy, water, and waste bills. 

A written report will include practical solutions, often no or low cost to implement. For businesses with fewer than 5 staff, there is an easy to use DIY Toolkit and other resources to help you figure out how to reduce costs from energy, water and waste.


How to become more sustainable - Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard

Identify how you are going in terms of positive environmental, social, economic, and cultural impacts, and what steps you can take nextThis program helps any type of business in the tourism industry to move forward on their sustainability journey.  

It assesses four aspects of sustainability: 

  • Environmental impacts 
  • Socio-economic impacts 
  • Cultural impacts 
  • Sustainable management 

It is a practical way to de-mystify what sustainable tourism means for your business and your customers, and get practical insights to help your sustainability journey: businesses receive a detailed report with personalised feedback.  

The Scorecard costs $250 and takes around six hours to complete.


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