Member Testimonials

Clinton Huff, Operations Manager - Shamrock Civil

“We have received valuable benefits as a Townsville Enterprise member including the opportunity to interact with a range of potential clients as a participant in the Surbana Jurong delegation and the Defence Industry Working Group. Here, Shamrock Civil provided direct input into economic development strategies that impact us as a contractor and the broader economy.”

Troy Scott, General Manager - Grand Hotel and Apartments

“The Townsville Enterprise Digital Transformation Program was one of the most valuable, important and informative programs that the Grand Hotel and Apartments has participated in. We have already begun implementing several changes and we are putting a much bigger emphasis on improving our digital assets to enhance the customer experience.”

Steph Hinks, Owner/Operator - Aquascene Magnetic Island

“This year was our busiest on record, with Townsville Enterprise’s marketing activities positively impacting our business and several Magnetic Island operators. Passenger numbers grew by over 20% increasing revenue by more than 30%. A portion of this growth is a direct result of Townsville Enterprise’s marketing initiatives.”

Carla Adams - Apollo Motorhomes Marketing

“Apollo Motorhomes partnered with Townsville Enterprise on the ‘Ultimate Guide to Driving the Great Barrier Reef’ campaign. After reviewing the influencer engagement and following, this was certainly the most successful Instagram campaign Apollo has supported. Thank you for letting Apollo be part of the journey.”

Leigh Cunningham, CEO, Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia – Queensland

“Support from the Townsville Enterprise Convention Bureau and the Townsville North Queensland Bid Fund offered an opportunity to deliver our annual conference in Townsville. Previous regional conferences have attracted smaller delegations; however, we were very pleased that our Townsville conference achieved a record 369 delegates and was considered highly successful by those in attendance.”

Rob Aumend, General Manager - Southern Cross Austereo

“We see it as our duty to the business and wider community to use our radio, television and digital assets to amplify the great work of Townsville Enterprise. We all need to work together to improve confidence and achieve the growth that Townsville needs. #LetsGrowTogether is a great example of what can be achieved if likeminded businesses collaborate. Townsville Enterprise membership is a great binding agent and we should all encourage our peers to take part.”

Patrick Brady, Executive Director - Premise

“Townsville Enterprise has provided Premise multiple platforms to explore potential business opportunities, particularly with Singapore. The connections established as a part of the Singapore Delegation are invaluable to enable these opportunities to be furthered and assist in growing North Queensland’s economic development potential.”

Carl Valentine, Director - PVW Partners

“Townsville Enterprise is to be commended on its comprehensive communications and targeted events which benefit members like PVW Partners but also the North Queensland community more broadly. By working together and beating the collective drum, we can ensure the opportunities for our region are realised.”

Natalene Carter, Director - RID Australia

“To be placed directly in front of the Surbana Jurong delegation was invaluable. The most challenging component of engaging with offshore customers is making contact with decision makers and connectors. Townsville Enterprise has assisted Townsville based businesses to operate in a forum that would usually be out of reach.”

Chris Briggs, General Manager - SeaLink Queensland

“The Townsville Enterprise Tourism Volunteers provide world-class customer service to visitors day in, day out. With their smiling faces, welcoming personalities and a passion for our region, they are our best ambassadors.”


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