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Be seen day and night, as part of an exclusive always-on marketing partnership

Following a successful brand launch, consumers across the country are being driven to our consumer website, and now is the time to invest in collaborative marketing partnerships to drive real results for your business.

Now part of Townsville Enterprise's always-on strategy, business have the opportunity to leverage the web traffic being driven to to drive real results:

  • Invest into advertising opportunities including, web banners, featured social media posts, EDM features, and featured deals online;
  • Instantly bookable holiday packages and products promoted and sold online (and through the Visitor Information Centre) to ensure visitors lock in their holiday plans and support local operators in the Townsville North Queensland region.

Campaigns continue to focus on driving bookings through targeted promotion of highly inspirational content and itineraries using digital techniques to pinpoint market interests. The package itineraries have been built around key areas of interest and align to the travel motivators of Curious Explorers

Key objectives from our marketing

  • Increase awareness of Townsville North Queensland as a holiday destination. Benchmarked against pre- and post-brand uplift studies, and competitor analysis (within Queensland).
  • Achieve growth in operator listings on as a lead generation mechanic.
  • Accelerate consumers through the conversion funnel, focusing primarily on awareness and consideration, but enabling conversion through bookable products and a trade distribution plan.

Key markets we're talking to

As identified in the recent brand research, the target audience most attuned to visiting Townsville North Queensland, is the Curious Explorer market. This audience has been defined using sophisticated targeting data through Roy Morgan Helix Personas, split into SUSTAIN and GROWTH markets and further grouped using the following targeting techniques:


  • [SUSTAIN + GROWTH] Queenslanders (Regional Drive Market [Cairns-Mackay], South-East Queensland – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton)
  • [GROWTH] Sydney and surrounds, New South Wales
  • [GROWTH] Melbourne and surrounds, Victoria
  • [GROWTH] Adelaide, South Australia

Traveller type:

  • [GROWTH] Leisure + Event Traveller
  • [GROWTH] Business + Working Holidaymaker
  • [SUSTAIN] Visiting Friends and Relatives 

Lifestyle stage: (across both SUSTAIN and GROWTH segments)

  • Couples
  • Families
  • Solo

Persona type:

To define our segments further, we've identified key Helix Persona Communities and Personas which help to understand a consumer by their values, average income, media preferences and more.

If you're keen to learn more about our Curious Explorer market, please contact our team.

Advertising opportunities

An opportunity to access digital assets owned by the Townsville North Queensland network, including website, social media and YouTube. By leveraging these high visibility assets, your business logo and creative (with mutual approval) will be front and centre as an always-on strategy to capture engaged consumers who are considering a holiday to Townsville North Queensland.

Options include:

  • Web banner on, from $2,500 (ex GST)
    • 4-week promotion in hero web banner position
    • 30% SOV
    • Direct link click-through to your website
  • EDM banner graphic advertising, from $600 (ex GST)
    • Feature in the monthly consumer EDM, distributed to over 10,000 subscribers
    • Various sizes available, ranging from MREC, Leader board and Hero banner
  • Featured deal on Packages page, from $600 (ex GST)
    • Top position on Packages page to feature a product or package offer
      *NB. This option requires you to be bookable online, and affiliated with Bookeasy as an agreed partner
  • Featured social media post, from $1,500 (ex GST)

NB. All placements are at the discretion of Townsville Enterprise, and subject to approval prior to publishing.

Expand your distribution network with us!

Take the first step into trade distribution, or expand your existing network by partnering with us to sell your product or experience in a bookable holiday package. 

Participation in this distribution is open to ANY Townsville North Queensland based tourism operator. There are a few things you need before we can get started:

  • List your business/product/experience on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse. Listings are currently FREE and available for the next 24 months. Register here>
  •  Be bookable online via Bookeasy so we can sell your product through our destination website. (Channel and Tour Manager connections recommended)
  • Agree to a commission agreement with Townsville Enterprise (commission is charged up to 15% for any bookings made, and these funds are returned in the form of staff hours at the Visitor Information Centre, and marketing exposure).


A unique and popular way for us to sell your product or experience is through instantly bookable holiday packages. Previous campaign research has shown that the ease of booking in the consumer journey increases the likelihood of conversion and the ultimate sale. Also, by packaging products, it is a tangible marketing tactic for us to showcase the itinerary options to consumers looking to book a holiday to Townsville North Queensland.

To be included in holiday packages, and in addition to the points above, we require a deal/offer/rate that can be packaged or sold separately.

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