Visual library

We use images to dimensionalise and add depth, personality, and heart to our brand. Using images to surprise, delight and create fresh viewpoints, thoughts and positive feelings about what the region has to offer,
in a way that is authentically, likeably, and surprisingly ‘Townsville North Queensland’.

When using imagery think:

  • Vivid colour and high-contrast
  • Wide angles and expansiveness
  • Points of emotive interest or intrigue
  • Raw, unfiltered and in-the-moment

For more information on brand approved imagery - click here.

Image use policy

  • Images must be credited wherever possible. Please state 'image courtesy of Townsville Enterprise', if the photographers name is not included in the file data.
  • Images should be captioned with the correct location followed by 'Townsville North Queensland'.
  • Images and videos may only be used to positively promote the region/destination as per the location identified. This requirement does not apply to close-up images of food/talent/animals or objects.
  • Images/video featuring talent (people) may not be used for non-tourism commercial use due to talent agreements.
  • Imagery/videos are not to be used for retail products without prior permission (including postcards, billboards, calendars etc.)

For further information relating to the correct and appropriate use of images/videos, please contact Townsville Enterprise Visitor Economy and Marketing team on 

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