Destination Area Migration Agreement

What is the Townsville North Queensland Destination Area Migration Agreement (TNQ DAMA)?

The TNQ DAMA is a formal agreement between the Australian Government and Townsville Enterprise. It provides business owners who have exhausted local recruitment options access to overseas workers, providing a flexibility and responsiveness not available through the standard skilled migration programs.

DAMAs are tailored to a region’s unique economic and labour market conditions, and as with all skilled migration schemes they are only accessible if employers can demonstrate skills shortages and have given priority to Australian jobseekers first.

The TNQ DAMA includes almost 200 occupations, with age, language and experience concessions available on many of these occupations. For a full list of included occupations click here.

Applications for endorsement under the TNQ DAMA are now open.
Click here to download the DAMA informational flyer.

Designated Regional Area for the TNQ DAMA

Process of accessing overseas workers through the TNQ DAMA

Stage 1 - DAR Endorsement

This is requested by the employer and undertaken by Townsville Enterprise Limited. Requests are generally finalised within 20 working days. Please note the poorly prepared or incomplete endorsements may take longer. For the full process click here.

  • An endorsement fee is required, note that the fees are payable per person being sought.
  • Complete the Request for Endorsement form, to do this you will require the following:
    • A signed Business Declaration Document
    • A covering letter/submission which identifies why you are seeking endorsement under the DAMA rather than standard visa programs, why you need overseas workers and the occupations and positions you are seeking, why you have not been able to fill the positions from the Australian labour market and evidence supporting this (Labour Market Testing Evidence), the proposed salary for the positions and how that salary was determined and whether you are seeking any concessions
    • Job/position descriptions for each position sought
    • An organisational chart showing where the positions are located and who they report to
    • Images (if not on website) of your business that can demonstrate the scale and capacity of your business

Evidence to ensure your business is lawfully operating, including BAS Statements, Business Registration Certificate and letter of support from a registered Chartered Accountant or Certified Practising Accountant. More information is Page 10 of the Information Guide.

Stage 2 - 4 - Undertaken by Department of Home Affairs

Stages 2 to 4 are undertaken by the Department of Home Affairs, more details on these stages can be found here.

Designated Area Representative

For enquiries related to the Townsville North Queensland DAMA

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This web page provides general information only about the Townsville North Queensland Designated Area Migration Agreement.  It should not be taken as legal or commercial advice on workforce immigration matters.  Before engaging with us as Designated Area Representatives you should consider this general information in regard to your specific commercial requirements.  It is recommended you consider independent and professional immigration advice.

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