Business Basics

The Business Basics module will give you an overview of tasks that, when completed, will build a strong foundation for your business. Whether you’re just starting out with a new business, or you have been running for some time, this module will assist you in taking the necessary steps to achieve success.

Tips to learn how to run your tourism business efficiently and effectively. 

Everything you need to know about running a business

The first starting point for anyone looking to start a business or already trading should be Business Queensland and their indepth Running Business page.

This page will provide clear advice on all elements of running a business, from finance essentials to employing and managing staff, IT, marketing, and legal obligations. 

This is a great resource to look at now, such as to learn how to improve your financial performance, and to come back to when you need specific advice, such as how to resolve business disputes, and how to prepare for and recover from natural disasters.  

Business Queensland - Running a Business

QTIC Fundamental Skills Short Courses

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) micro-credentialing program helps tourism and hospitality operators onboard, reskill and retain their staff through short, online courses.

The program aims to provide an opportunity to support changing workplaces by enabling the provision of focused training in specific skills to better support employees and businesses to adopt innovations and improved productivity.

The courses are delivered online and include several bite-size videos (average 3 mins each) featuring industry experts.

QTIC Micro Credentialing Program

Writing a Business Plan

If you don’t know where you are going, and how you will get there, how will you get there?  

If you want to grow your business, or make running your business easier, a business plan will help you by documenting your goals, and the strategies you will use to reach them.  

This page will provide a step by step guide on writing a detailed business plan as well as providing templates and additional resources.

Writing a Business Plan

Simple Business Plan Template

Having a business plan will help you secure loans and grants, and win tourism awards.

This template will help you easily clarify your plans for the year to come to support business growth or development. It was designed to support submissions to the Queensland Tourism Awards.


Which permits does my business need?

Easily find out which permits your business must have. 

A free online service that will help you discover the local, Queensland, and Australian government licences, permits, registrations, and approvals you need to operate a business. 

Your personalised report will include 

  • A summary of state, local and Australian government requirements 
  • Detailed information about relevant licences and permits 
  • How to access relevant forms 
  • Who to contact for help

Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS)

How to manage business risks

Risk management planning reduces the potentially costly impacts of risks on your business – and can even save you from losing your business! 

This webpage will provide comprehensive guidance on identifying and managing business risks within your business. 

Managing risks in your business

Which insurances does my business need?

Insurance helps protect your business from paying significant costs.

Learn about compulsory and optional insurances for businesses.


One in five Australians live with disability – that’s a lot of potential guests to be excluding if your business is not accessible!

Accessible Tourism Toolkit

The more accessible your business is, the more potential guests (and their friends and families!) there are who can buy your products. This toolkit helps businesses welcome people of all abilities and with a range of needs to enjoy their tourism experiences.  

It includes:

  • Short video learning modules covering practical examples of what businesses can do to make their experience more accessible, the language of disability, how to have an inclusive mindset, and misconceptions and unconscious bias 
  • Easy-to-use checklists for your venue and activities 
  • Accessibility content to consider including on your website and how to communicate accessibility features. 


Year of Accesible Tourism

The Year of Accessible Tourism in Queensland is an opportunity to recognise the importance of accessible tourism experiences for all, and to ignite change and create opportunities for Queensland tourism businesses.


Accessible Tourism Webinars

As part of the 2023 Year of Accessible Tourism, Get Skilled Access will deliver free online accessible tourism webinars for Queensland tourism businesses.

Registrations are now open for free online accessible tourism webinars in June and July 2023. 


Grants can support business growth, through funding infrastructure, equipment, training, marketing, innovations, sustainability improvements, preparing for extreme weather events, research and development, and more.  

Where to find business grants

Easily identify grant opportunities aligned to projects in your business plan. 
About grants for businesses, and where to find suitable grant programs.


How to prepare and write a grant application

Learn how to write grant applications in a way that will increase your chances of securing funding. This guide helps you prepare for grant opportunities. 


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