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City launches first ever Liveability Campaign

To support the growth of the Townsville North Queensland region, Townsville Enterprise and industry partners have collaborated to deliver a dedicated liveability and skills attraction campaign, titled 'The Good Life'.

Why now?

Townsville North Queensland is set to deliver a strong pipeline of projects - valued at over $34 billion - indicating that Townsville will require an additional 27,000 more skilled workers over the next 5 years​. Currently, this cannot be achieved within the existing population which boasts an unemployment rate of 3.9%​. Outside of the local requirements, there is has also been a significant shift in appetite toward regional living, with 1 in 5 metro residents considering a move to Regional Australia.

Coinciding with the requirements of our region to attract skilled workers for major projects, and the opportunities to be unlocked from these ​new and existing industries, means now is the opportune time to convert on the intent of Australians to live regionally - in pursuit of a more balanced and meaningful lifestyle.


The research

As a society, we are collectively striving for “The Great Slow Down,” a cultural shift that redefines success, prioritises work/life balance and seeks the beauty of simplicity. The pursuit of productivity has transitioned to a mindful and intentional approach to living.

  • 81% focused on simplicity in lives
  • 61% resist hustle culture in favour of leisure time
  • 50% believe the Australian dream is not achievable
  • 83% making changes to spending due to cost of living
  • 20% of metro population considering a shift regional

Source: ​The Australia Project – The Lab Insight and Strategy Pty Ltd

From our own research, we also know that relocation is long-term strategy, with many regional destination vying for top consideration amongst potential relocators:

  • 77% of Potential Relocations surveyed said they were considering a move in the next 3 years, but don’t have any concrete plans or locations
  • 23% are actively planning a move in the next 3 years (destination may be decided/undecided)

​The role of tourism marketing also play a key role in increasing awareness and intent amongst the target market, linking the work Townsville Enterprise currently delivers to promote the region as a vibrant holiday destination.

  • 75% of Potential Relocators had travelled to Townsville in the past 2 years, making them +7% more likely to have Townsville on their top preference list

​The Townsville Appeal

Through the research program, we saw strong uplifts in appeal and preference for Townsville as a potential regional relocation:

  • 93% found Townsville an appealing place to live and work based on the information presented
  • 89% said their preference for Townsville had increased based on what they’d learnt from the research (52% strongly increased)

Unprompted drawcards for relocators to Townsville

  • Natural beauty – the natural environments and surrounds and how this contributes to quality of life 
  • Relaxed lifestyle – opportunities for relaxation, outdoor activities and general vibe that feels like a perpetual holiday. An enjoyable and fulfilling way to live.  
  • Community – Sense of belonging, friendliness and community spirit.  
  • Affordability – the economic advantage of living in Townsville in particular lower house prices 
  • Climate – warm climate and sunny days are a big draw card – referencing the positive this provides for outdoor activities and health as a key consideration for a move 
  • Right Size – unlike other regional centres, Townsville strikes the balance between urban convenience and smaller community atmosphere/living.  

Competitor regions

The top regional Queensland destinations that are on the consideration list (outside of Townsville) are Cairns at 69%, Sunshine Cost at 65%, Toowoomba at 54% and Rockhampton at 52%. 84% of those potential relocators outside of Queensland or current regional residents are also considering Brisbane. Potential relocators aren’t necessarily “set” on where they will go and can still be influenced.  

About the campaign

Campaign partners:

Australians are rethinking what it means to live the good life. Feeling connected, choosing balance and embracing the new. Thriving in a career that matters while still finding time for what you love. 

Townsville too is a place that’s embracing change, quietly transforming with a vision for the future, redefining what it means to live life in full colour.

A place where the best of both worlds is a reality. A place of AND, not OR. Make it in a career of the future, AND live your life your way, where natural wonders AND world-leading innovation coexist, where disconnecting leaves you feeling connected AND opportunities abound. That’s the good life.

Key objectives from our marketing

  • Craft a compelling marketing strategy that will enhance the perceived appeal of Townsville as a place to live, positioning us prominently on the consideration list of potential movers.
  • To support the local industry in sourcing skilled workers from outside of the region and accelerate consumers through the conversion funnel, focusing primarily on awareness and consideration.
  • To support Townsville City Council’s population growth targets
  • To improve external perception and awareness of the city’s lifestyle and career opportunities
  • To develop a platform that extends the destination/tourism brand for the purposes of liveability promotion. 

Key markets we're talking to

As identified in the recent brand research, the target audience most attuned to visiting Townsville North Queensland, is the Resourceful Relocator market. This audience has been defined using sophisticated targeting data through Roy Morgan Helix Personas, and leverages values-defined targeting, overlaid with motivations/intent drivers.


  • Queenslanders, specifically South-East Queensland – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton
  • Sydney and surrounds, New South Wales
  • Melbourne and surrounds, Victoria

Lifestyle stage: 

  • Couples
  • Families


  • Consumers will be served media strategically based on a number of factors:
    • Industry, job type - guided by participating campaign partner industries
    • Satisfaction - data can also indicate those who are unsatisfied by their current life situation - job dissatisfaction, mortgage stress etc.
  • Acknowledging housing availability – specifically rentals – is also an acute concern in Townsville North Queensland, consumers are also targeted according to their home ownership criteria - meaning the campaign will preference those who are currently home owners, or hold a mortgage in the bid to find consumers who are able to purchase property rather than rent.

Where to see the campaign in action

To view the campaign and get updates on "The Good Life", simply:

How to get involved

We've created some assets that employers across Townsville North Queensland are welcome to share and use throughout the recruitment process.

Leverage the Jobs North Queensland platform

A dedicated jobs portal open to job-seekers and employers across the Townsville North Queensland region. 

  • If you're looking for a job - this is a great portal which prioritises local employment opportunities
  • If you're an employer - load your job directly through this platform to capture locals, and those who will be targeted through this campaign

If you're looking for specific resources which may help your team recruit staff to move and work in Townsville North Queensland, let us know!

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