$137M Green Energy Hydrogen Hub Confirmed for Townsville

1st February 2024

Townsville North Queensland has taken the next major step forward toward securing its future as a green manufacturing city, with Federal funding support to build a $137 million Green Energy Hydrogen Hub in Townsville. The project proponents - Edify Energy and Siemens Energy - were supported by the North Queensland Hydrogen Consortium, James Cook University, Townsville City Council and the Australian Institute of Marine Science in their application.

Townsville Enterprise, CEO, Claudia Brumme-Smith says this announcement marks a new era for our city.

“We will see global investors turning their attention to Townsville to build what will be the biggest green hydrogen installation in the North,”

“Our region has laid its foundation in heavy industry, and our path forward with hydrogen and green manufacturing is the next chapter in our region’s story – securing thousands of future jobs for now and tomorrow,”

“This announcement will act as the catalyst for our region and nation – capitalising on our region’s strengths in wind, solar, and land and diversifying our industrial portfolio to be the energy producer of the future to spearhead the national energy transition, enabled by projects such as this and of course, CopperString,”

“Our North Queensland Hydrogen Consortium (NQH2) members and political leaders of our city have advocated for this funding to be rolled out and will begin our green energy story; seeing it become a reality today is the first real step in establishing ourselves as Australia’s most liveable green manufacturing city - providing cutting edge career opportunities for our young people to remain in our region,”  

“The Lansdown Eco Industrial Precinct, with today’s funding announcement, is one step closer to becoming a world leading energy hub. I am very proud to say the funding application was delivered as a true ‘whole of hub’ application in partnership with Edify Energy, Siemens Energy, James Cook University, Australian Institute of Marine Science and NQH2. It has secured our future, with construction to commence in the next 12 months,”

“This has been a united effort to get to this point, and we would like to congratulate Edify Energy and Siemens Energy for their continued passion to make this project a reality, Ms. Brumme-Smith said.

Edify Energy, CEO, John Cole says being the successful applicant foe the Townsville Hydrogen Hub funding is incredibly exciting.

“It is testament to a lot of hard work and Edify’s track record in leading innovation in the renewable sector. We look forward to delivering our green hydrogen production facility, initially supplying our domestic customers and thereafter export markets from the Port of Townsville at a large scale, which is the end game,”

“Being at the vanguard of what will be a world-class hydrogen hub in Townsville is incredibly motivating. Today is a watershed moment for Townsville. There are parallels with the renewable electricity sector from 20 years ago,”

“We thank our many partners including the Federal Government, Queensland Government, German Government Townsville City Council, Siemens Energy, Townsville Enterprise Limited, universities and research partners, local and international customers for buying into the vision and having the stamina to stay with us on the journey to date, Mr Cole said.”

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