Module 3: Tourism, Events and Sports

On Module Day 3 of the North Queensland Future Leaders Program Module, the future leaders delved deep into the realms of Tourism, Events, and Sports. The day commenced with an engaging start at the Townsville Enterprise Secure The Future Event Series: Tourism Futures Forum, hosted at The Ville Resort-Casino. Here, the leaders heard all about the latest insights from leading experts driving Australia's Tourism and Events industry forward. The forum, showcased a lineup of esteemed speakers who not only painted a vivid picture of Townsville's tourism potential but also delved into critical facets such as Accessible Tourism, Sustainability, Marketing, and Major Events Management with some actionable plans on how to best capitalise and improve our region's experiences. 

The agenda was packed with keynote addresses, enlightening panels on prevailing tourism trends, discourse on nationwide campaigns, and the latest statistics and discoveries in the field. Notably, an aviation panel added a unique perspective to the day's discussions, broadening the horizon of the future leaders' understanding.

Following this session, the Future Leaders were treated to exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses at the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys High-Performance Centre and Queensland Country Bank Stadium, enriching their understanding of sports management and infrastructure.

The day's excitement didn't end there. Participants embarked on a journey to Magnetic Island courtesy of Sealink ferry services. Once there, they went on an immersive island tour led by the wonderful team at Aquascene Charters, experiencing themselves firsthand the island's natural beauty and one of our region’s best tourism products.

Witnessing their active engagement and genuine excitement throughout the day has been nothing short of inspiring. We are immensely proud to see them embrace this journey wholeheartedly, soaking in every moment and seizing every opportunity to learn and grow.


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