Module 5: Mining and Critical Minerals

The North Queensland Future Leaders embarked on their Module day 5: Mining and Critical Minerals by attending Townsville Enterprise's Secure The Future Series event: Mininig and Critical Minerals forum, hosted with great enthusiasm at the Ville Resort-Casino in Townsville. This exclusive event gathered leaders from industry, research, governance, and politics to discuss the future of mining and critical minerals processing in the region and beyond.

Throughout the forum, the Future Leaders heard diverse perspectives on the evolution of the mining sector. They learned about the pivotal role of critical minerals in driving the transition to clean energies and sustainable manufacturing. Discussions highlighted North Queensland's strategic advantage, boasting some of Australia's best solar and wind resources, which position the region as a key player in global green battery materials production.

The forum also unveiled ambitious projects like CopperString, set to unlock billions in critical minerals investment, positioning Townsville North Queensland as a leading global hub for processing. Presentations on the region’s robust project pipeline outlined significant economic benefits, including thousands of new jobs, reinforcing mining’s crucial role in North Queensland’s economic prosperity.

Attending alongside esteemed figures such as HON Anthony Chisholm, Senator Susan McDonald, and HON Scott Stewart MP, the Future Leaders gained insights into the collaborative efforts shaping the sector’s future. Networking opportunities provided them with invaluable connections and a deeper understanding of their potential roles in driving sustainable growth and innovation in mining and critical minerals.

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