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Health and Knowledge in North Queensland

Townsville North Queensland is set to be home to a world class tropical intelligence precinct that will become a destination of choice for the best researchers, scientists and clinicians. Learn how TropIQ will open the pipeline of investment for private and commercial enterprise in Townsville.

Join us for a webinar that will discuss the opportunities for North Queensland in the development of a health and knowledge hub that focuses on science, technology and innovation. Advancing the forefront of tropical medicine whilst also attracting domestic and international investment into the region.

Speakers & Panellist:

  • Alan Carpenter // Strategist, Commercial and Community Development | James Cook University
  • David Mitchell // Director of Planning and Business Development | Townsville University Hospital
  • Kieran Keyes // Health Service Chief Executive | Townsville University Hospital
  • Patricia Brand // Deputy Vice Chancellor, Services and Resources Division | James Cook University

Event Details:

When: Wednesday, 7 October 2020
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Published 7 October 2020

Defence in North Queensland

Townsville North Queensland is one of Australia’s prime strategic Defence regions. The region is uniquely positioned for mounting operations into South East Asia and the Pacific. Additionally, a ready workforce of veterans with security clearances and understanding of Defence requirements reside in the region.

Join us for a webinar that will discuss the opportunities of Townsville North Queensland becoming a ‘super base’ for the Australian Defence Force. Hear how thousands of local jobs could be created through projects such as the Simulation and Soldier Systems Centre of Excellence and Joint Amphibious Force Capability.

Speakers & Panelist's:

- COL (Retd) David Burke // Defence Engagement Officer, Townsville City Council
- Dr John Coyne // Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement; North and Australia's Security at Australian Strategic Policy Institute
- LTGEN (Retd) John Caligari, AO, DSC // Townsville Strategic Defence Advisor, Townsville City Council
- Mark Horn // Director Strategic Development, Cubic Defence Australia
- Tony Tucker // Business Development Manager , JCU connect

Event Details:

When: Wednesday, 30 September 2020
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Published Wednesday 30 September 2020 

Economic recovery in North Queensland

Whether it be cyclones, flooding, economic downturns and now a global pandemic, there is not a crisis the people of North Queensland have not experienced in the last decade. Despite these challenges we remain strong, we remain resilient, and we are optimistic about the future. In North Queensland, we have the people, we have the projects, and we have the potential to support recovery of the State and the Nation

Join us for this exclusive webinar with Neville Power, Chair of the COVID-19 Commission (Advisory Board) and Jennifer Westacott AO, CEO of Business Council of Australia to discover how North Queensland can and will play a critical role in the Nation's recovery from COVID-19.

Speakers and Panelists:

  • Neville Power // Chairman, National COVID-19 Commission (Advisory Board) (NCC).
  • Jennifer Westacott AO // Chief Executive of the Business Council of Australia.
  • Patricia O'Callaghan // CEO of Townsville Enterprise Limited.

Event Details:
When: Thursday, 24 September 2020
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Published Thursday 24 September 2020 

Advanced Manufacturing in North Queensland

Townsville North Queensland has long been a hub for advanced manufacturing, but with investment into projects such as Lansdown, we can use our strengths to further grow this industry. Join us for a webinar that will discuss North Queensland’s opportunities for Advanced Manufacturing now and into the future.

Speakers and Panelists:

  • Dr Govinda Pandey - Co-Founder, LiXiA
  • Richard Parker - General Manager, TEi Services 
  • Ryan Coppola - Project Director, Future Cities Townsville City Council
  • Yael Relf - Acting Senior Planning Officer, Townsville City Council 

Download Slides - LiXia 


Published Tuesday 22 September 2020

North Queensland's Water and Agricultural Opportunities

As domestic and global food demand increases, water storage and security becomes more critical to open up untapped agricultural potential. Join us on Wednesday 16 September at 1:00pm for a webinar that will unpack North Queensland's Water and Agricultural Opportunities and explain how major water and agricultural projects can drive jobs and economic opportunities across the North.

Speakers and Panelists:

  • Richard McLoughlin - CEO, North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority

  • John Bearne - Project Manager, Hells Gates Dam | Big Rocks Weir

  • Michael Guerin - CEO, AgForce Queensland

  • Karly Abbott - Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Bowen River Utilities


Published Wednesday 16 September 2020

CopperString 2.0: Re-powering Townsville and North West Queensland Economy

Hear how the $1.5 billion capital investment will deliver a 1,100km high-voltage transmission network extending the national grid across Northern Queensland to connect with the North West Minerals Province power system. An exclusive opportunity to hear from leading resource industry consultants, project proponents and key industry leaders about the unprecedented findings highlighted in the CopperString 2.0 report: ‘Re-powering the Townsville & North West Minerals Province Industrial Economy’


Published Wednesday 19 August 2020

Strong Australia Network - Townsville Business Webinar

The Business Council of Australia and Townsville Enterprise invite you to attend a live webinar panel discussion moderated by Sky News Business Editor Ticky Fullerton to discuss how the local and national business community can work together and harness the best regional ideas for recovery.

The panel features:

  • Jennifer Westacott - Chief Executive of the Business Council of Australia
  • Patricia O'Callaghan - Chief Executive Officer of Townsville Enterprise Limited
  • Marnie Baker - Managing Director of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Chair of the Business Council of Australia’s Regional Development Economic Working Group
  • Mark Steinert - Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Stockland
  • Brett Fletcher - Chief Executive Officer of Ravenswood Gold

Published Tuesday 14 July 2020

How to Improve your SEO and Google Ranking

In this webinar, Michael Smith of OracleStudio presented practical and simple steps to help you improve your website SEO, plus easy hacks to improve your website's ranking on Google.


Published Wednesday 24 June 2020

Industry COVID Safe Plans Q&A

A critical element for businesses to navigate their way through the current COVID challenges is the capacity to offer services and experiences in a safe and sustainable way, compliant with expectations of governments and re-assuring for our customers.

Watch the replay of this important webinar with special guest Daniel Gschwind, Chief Executive, Queensland Tourism Industry Council to discuss the Queensland Tourism and Accommodation Industry COVID Safe Business Plan.

Published Thursday 18 June 2020

Bookeasy Webinar: Managing Your Account

Published Thursday 18 June 2020

Bookeasy Webinar: Hook into Bookeasy

Published Tuesday 16 June 2020

Managing Risk and Insurance During Difficult Times

Presented by AJ Gallagher, this webinar will help you understand risk and how protect yourself through insurance.

Published Wednesday 3 June 2020

How to Manage and Grow your Business Email Database

Join Townsville Enterprise's Events, Membership & Marketing Executive, Sian Yewdall, for a practical workshop on the importance of developing and managing your business email database.

This workshop covers:

  • What is an EDM and the best platforms to manage yours
  • How to manage and grow your database without advertising
  • Essential privacy laws and the do's and don'ts of direct marketing
  • Ideas on how to use your database to grow your business and turn cold leads in to returning customers

Published Wednesday 27 May 2020

How To Reset & Recover For The Future with Kellie Tomney

The world is stopping to contain further effects of COVID-19 crisis. Townsville has had business and life changing effects of the floods as well. Most professionals, businesses and organisations are now on a work from home basis to counter and contain COVID-19. There is a lot of fear, panic and overwhelm and naturally business owners, professionals, leaders and the general public have heightened concern about their health, families, job and financial security. This webinar is an ideal way to help you survive this crisis. Kellie Tomney has experienced dramatic and instant professional and personal crisis. She knows how it feels to lose your career, home, income, livelihood and identity. Most helpfully, she knows what it takes to reset and recover from it.

Kellie will share her proven strategies and stages to help you: 

  • Survive and develop your protection plan during containment and economic crisis
  • Feel prepared and protected for now, “what’s next” and your future

Kellie is an Online Facilitator & Mentor, specialising in future-proofing organisations, leadership and careers.


Published Thursday 21 May 2020

TEL Tourism Talks: Facebook Deep Dive

Following the success of our Instagram Deep Dive Workshop, we're shifting our focus to Facebook and helping you to understand how to use this platform more effectively.

Join Townsville Enterprise Tourism PR Co-ordinator Simone Sullivan for this webinar replay to learn:

  • Why Facebook is still an important communication tool to promote your business
  • Top trends in 2020
  • How to leverage Facebook to grow your business and prepare for the recovery phase post COVID- 19


Published Wednesday 20 May 2020

Townsville North Queensland Tourism Recovery Update

On Monday 18 May, Townsville Enterprise Director - Tourism & Events Lisa Woolfe, presented the North Queensland Tourism, Events and Hospitality Recovery Framework, designed to support the tourism sector through COVID-19. 

During the webinar, Lisa discussed:

  • The impact of COVID19 on the industry 
  • Mindset of the consumer 
  • Consumer sentiment
  • Changes to how people will travel 
  • Three-phased approach to recover and rebuild the industry across the region - Remain, Re-Emerge & Reimagine
  • Plus details of the Townsville Enterprise "Find Your Shine" campaign 

Published Monday 18 May 2020

TEL Tourism Talks: Best Practice and Importance of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

This online workshop covered the importance of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) to your business or event, and best practice.

Keynote presenter: Callum Mack, Industry Partnerships Manager, Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

Published Wednesday 13 May 2020

Effective Leadership During and After a Crisis Webinar

On Thursday 7 May, we were joined by Vanessa Cannon, James Cook University, Chief of Staff and Chair of its Critical Incident Management Group (CIMG) to discuss how to implement and manage effective leadership and team culture during a crisis.

Published Thursday 7 May 2020

Instagram Deep Dive Webinar

Learn how to maximise Instagram to boost your business and maintain engagement during COVID-19 and beyond.

Watch this webinar replay for:

  • Current Instagram trends you can use to help promote your business;
  • Top tips to enhance use and what content works best to boost engagement;
  • Which Instagram platform we recommend to manage your content and social media activity

Host: Simone Sullivan, Townsville Enterprise Limited


Published Wednesday 6 May 2020

Economic Update - COVID-19 Impact On The Region Webinar

A discussion on the economics of the Townsville North Queensland region as a result of COVID-19 now and in the future.
On the panel is:

  • Townsville Enterprise, Director Policy & Investment, Wayde Chiesa
  • Colliers, Managing Director, Peter Wheeler
  • AEC Group, Senior Economist, Jonathan Pavetto

Published Thursday 30 April 2020

Digital Adaptability & Working From Home Webinar

Wayde Chiesa, Townsville Enterprise Director - Policy & Investment hosted a live and interactive conversation with our guest panelists, Rachel Cliffe - Telstra Regional Manager and Daniel Pritchard - Sales Manager at DELTA to provide an overview of the new working environment and tools and tips to make it successful for your staff. The panel discussed: - Connectivity and how to 'thrive' when working from home - National trends in how small business are adapting new technologies - Tools & Tips to maximise productivity - Security standards and what can companies do to assist this - Software options and online project management tools for team collaboration and communication much more.

Published Friday 24 April 2020

Content During a Crisis Webinar

Viewers joined the Townsville Enterprise Tourism & Events Team for the first in a series of online professional development workshops exclusively for the North Queensland tourism industry. The free and interactive events are a unique opportunity to upskill and implement essential tools and processes to support your business during these challenging times.

Key learning outcomes included:

  • How social media content has changed during COVID-19 and what you can do now
  • How to maintain valuable engagement with your customers online
  • Top tips to boost your social media activity to strengthen your online presence

Published Wednesday 22 April 2020

COVID-19 Business Information Webinar: 16 April 2020

Commercial Leasing Code of Conduct & JobKeeper Update

Our free and live webinars continued this week with an in depth conversation regarding the new Commercial Leasing Code of Conduct, as well as an update on JobKeeper following the legislation passing in parliament last week.


  • Wayde Chiesa, Director - Policy & Investment, Townsville Enterprise
  • Paul Radford, Partner, Connolly Suthers Lawyers
  • Michelle Morton, Managing Partner, Wilson Ryan Grose Lawyers

Published Friday 17 April 2020

COVID-19 Business Information Webinar: 7 April 2020

Townsville Enterprise hosted a free live webinar to examine the latest Federal and State Government stimulus packages, including JobKeeper, to help businesses clear confusion and navigate their way through the current circumstances.


  • Wayde Chiesa, Director - Policy & Investment, Townsville Enterprise
  • Ashley Evans, Director/Lending Manager, AAA+ Financial Solutions
  • David Hall, Associate Partner, Findex
  • Michelle Morton, Managing Partner, Wilson Ryan Grose Lawyers


Published Wednesday 8 April 2020

Queensland Government Small Business Support Analysis & Next Steps

Peter Cavallo, Partner, Carey Group

Published Thursday 26 March 2020

WH&S & Fair Work Information 

 Jessica Keir, Senior Associate, Keir Steele Waldon Lawyers

Published Thursday 19 March 2020

COVID-19 Financial Support & Stimulus Package Overview

Carl Valentine, Managing Partner, PVW Partners


Published Thursday 19 March 2020

Personal & Professional Health Precautions

Dr Michael Clements, Chair, Northern Australia Primary Health Limited 

Published Thursday 19 March 2020


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