Vale Graham Jackson OAM

23rd May 2024

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Townsville Enterprise founding father and Life Member, Graham Jackson OAM. 

Mr Jackson proudly held the position of Townsville Enterprise Chairman for over seven years from 1999– 2006. 

Arriving in Townsville from Brisbane in 1957, Graham – an accountant at the time – moved into insurance sales, car dealership partnership and onto a variety of management roles before opening the successful Loloma Jewellers business in 1959. 

With the business flourishing and quickly expanding, Graham’s passion and dedication to see the city of Townsville succeed saw Graham, alongside the then Mayor Tony Mooney and other city leaders create the organisation – Townsville Enterprise – taking the helm as founding Director in 1991-1993, before becoming Chairman in 1999. 

During his time leading Townsville Enterprise, Graham took focus on driving prosperity and liveability for the region – attracting world-class zinc manufacturing with Sun Metals, securing major events such as Supercars and Professional Bull Riding, and cleverly marketing the city and region to ensure its everlasting success. 

Townsville Enterprise Chairman Kevin Gill recognises the immense contribution and foresight shown by Graham in his tenure as Chairman, and beyond. 

“Graham as a founding Director of Townsville Enterprise has been part of several game-changing outcomes for this city, but what I want to particularly acknowledge is the legacy Graham has left us all – a legacy that has helped to create a city that is aspirational, never accepts second best and is proud and excited about its future,” Mr Gill said.

“Beyond the legacy which has influenced the modern Townsville that over 200,000 of us now enjoy, the culture and sense of community Graham inspired has also meant that we as a city are united with a joint purpose, where business stands shoulder-to-shoulder with community leaders – and this is something we as Townsville Enterprise strive to embody to this day.” 

“Graham truly understood people; after a yarn with Graham, you always came away feeling better about yourself and the future of the city – a true mentor having guided countless leaders in our city.” 

“On behalf of the Townsville Enterprise Board of Directors, members, stakeholders and staff, I express my deep gratitude for one of Townsville’s finest leaders, most devoted businessman, and an overall good bloke.” 

“We offer our heartfelt condolences to his children and extended family.” 



1958 - Founding Member of Townsville Lions Club  

1960-63 - Member of the Townsville Moon Watch Group for USA 

1960 - Board member of Townsville Thuringowa Development Board         

1970 - Completed Senior at TAFE to Matriculate                  

1971 - Completed Commerce Accounting Units JCU to expand  Accounting Diploma 

1970-80 - Board Member Royal Qld Bush Children’s  Health Scheme at Rowes Bay 

1980-85 - Chairman   Royal Qld Bush Children’s Health Scheme until Home closed by Brisbane 

1972 - Committee member of the 1972 Townsville  Australian Olympic Committee 

1974 - President Townsville Rotary Club   

1974-2001 - Board member and Chairman of the Townsville Rotary Traffic Training Centre Pimlico 

1976 - Chairman   Castle Hill PYC Fund raising Appeal 

1979-88 - Appointed by Qld Govt as a Director of the Qld Small Business Development Corporation 

1988-93 - Deputy Chairman Qld Small Business Development Corporation 

1979-89 - Founding Chairman of Showcase Jewellers    Largest Independent Jewellers Buying Group  

1980-2000 - International Member of De Beers international Diamond Carat Club 

1986-87 - President of Townsville Chamber of Commerce 

1989-14 - Founding Fellow Australian Institute of Company Directors 

1990-95 - Chairman Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal     1990-13    Salvation Army Advisory Board 

1990-2004 - Panel Member of Argyle Diamonds, Western Australia 

1991-93 - Founding Director Townsville Enterprise Pty Ltd       

1999-2006 - Chairman Townsville Enterprise  

1994-2003 - Chairman Trinity Consolidated Ltd established to raise shareholder funds and buy out all the 1987 receiverships collapse (Main ones... Reef HQ , Imax, 2 Ferry terminals, a Large Ferry company, Finders St East Car Park, Radical Bay )

1992 - Chairman Tasico Pty Ltd   a Townsville Shareholder based $100K company to start an international Aircraft Maintenance Centre with Boeing who decided on Brisbane and Qantas wanted a Painting Facility which was rejected on Environmental issues. 

1992-2002 - Director Barrier Reef Basketball which developed the National Crocodiles Team.  

1997-99 - Chairman Harbourside Development established to try to plan the future development of the CBD

1998 - Chairman, Townsville Multicap Fundraising Appeal 

2002 - Awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (in recognition of his service to the city of Townsville through his work with social welfare, service and health organisations as well as this contribution to local sport) 

2002-04 - NQ Cowboys, Advisory Commissioner 

2009-2019 - Cowboys Stockman Member 

2011 - Named as a Queensland Great - QLD GREAT AWARD 

2012-2014 - Director Australian Festival of Music 

2015 - Chairman Townsville Pacific Festival 

2021 - JCU bestowed Graham Jackson with an honorary Doctor of Commerce degree. 

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