State Election: Week 4 Wrap Up

In September this year, the five Mayors from Townsville, Burdekin, Charters Towers, Hinchinbrook and Palm Island, with Townsville Enterprise and the Townsville Chamber of Commerce, endorsed an election package that would set the foundation of Townsville North Queensland's direction for the next 150 years. This package of priorities for the region was formulated after three years of budget submissions, discussions and an extensive advocacy program across this period.

The below 'Election Scorecard' is clear for all to view to assist in making that crucial decision at the polling booths tomorrow. There have been a number of policies and projects that have been endorsed by all parties over the past four weeks, but few that are bipartisan. As a result, the next three years could take contrasting directions for our region, depending on who will govern after this weekend.

Another major issue for consideration is each of the parties support on the Adani rail line. Adani have stated this week that they have been holding a number of meetings with a range of financiers for the Carmichael Mine and associated infrastructure, but that did not negate the need for support from the Federal and State Governments, including a NAIF loan. This is an important factor to consider, as this is a generational project that can provide significant opportunities for North Queensland now and into the future. Click here for more information.

Both the ALP and LNP have today issued final responses to Townsville Enterprise on the party positions on each of the Townsville North Queensland State Election Priorities. Click on each to download the responses:

- ALP Priorities Position
- LNP Priorities Position

Townsville Enterprise prides itself on its apolitical relationship with all candidates and parties. This will continue post Saturday with whomever forms Government. We will always partner with Government, but will not shy away from being the loud voice for North Queensland and ensuring the region is front of mind of all parties.

Overviews of each project and policy commitment received by the major parties across the past four weeks, in relation to the Townsville North Queensland 2017/18 State Election Priorities, can be found by clicking the links below:

Week 1
Week 2 
Halfway Point
Week 3 
Debate of the Leaders


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