State Election: Week 2 Wrap Up

Throughout the second week of the Queensland State Election the Townsville North Queensland region has welcomed key commitments from Labor, the Liberal National Party and One Nation.

This week Labor announced a major commitment in relation to developing North Queensland’s Defence sector. This is a priority outcome that Townsville Enterprise has been working toward and advocating for nearly 12 months.

Labor’s support for a number of key recommendations identified in Townsville Enterprise’s ‘North Queensland Defence Industries Position Paper’, and further emphasised in the Townsville North Queensland 2017 State Government Election Priorities, is a significant step forward in realising our region’s objective of generating greater Defence industry capability and local employment opportunities. Click here for a further breakdown.

Labor also announced a $70M Manufacturing - Building Better Regions Fund and pledged an additional $36M over three years to attract more events to Queensland to draw greater visitation and create more jobs.

Key LNP commitments this week include an additional $10M to the already budgeted Attracting Aviation Investment Fund with 40% of those funds quarantined for regional destinations, as well as $4M towards upgrading marine access in Hinchinbrook. During Tim Nichols' visit to Townsville, the Opposition Leader strongly reiterated his support of the Adani NAIF loan towards the construction of Adani's rail line. This was very well received by the Townsville North Queensland community.

One Nation pledged to deliver a $10M commitment to the driver education and motorsport precinct in Townsville, DriveIt NQ. This commitment is in addition to the combined $5M from the Coalition and One Nation that was announced at a Townsville Enterprise event in September.

We want to hear a lot more from every party about what their plans are for Townsville North Queensland and how they can ensure our city and region will prosper. This is why we have extended invitations to the leaders from Labor, LNP, One Nation and KAP to take part in a Leaders Debate prior to the November 25 Election. As of today, we have received confirmations from the Queensland leaders of One Nation and KAP.

This election has the power to set our region’s direction for the next 150 years. Townsville North Queensland needs to stand its ground, and not shy away from holding political parties accountable for assisting our immediate and long-term future. Let’s back ourselves, stand stronger as one and be a loud voice during this State Election.

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