Magnetic Island a Major Player in Regional Tourism Economy - WORLD TOURISM DAY

Over 28% of all Townsville tourism jobs are a direct result of Magnetic Island, a recent economic report has found, endorsing Townsville Enterprise and Tourism Magnetic Island’s advocacy to support tourism growth on the island.

The only island within the Great Barrier Reef to have its own postcode and over 2,500 permanent residents currently employs over to 1,700 full time equivalent jobs in the tourism industry, contributing $202.8 million to gross regional product (GRP).

The Magnetic Island Economic Analysis released by the AEC Group coincides with World Tourism Day celebrating jobs and the industry’s global impact on GRP.

The international day aims to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value, supporting many millions of jobs and driving economies forward, both at the local and the national level.

Townsville Enterprise Director of Tourism and Events Lisa Woolfe said that tourism has become one of the fastest growing economic sectors globally, and the trend is also evident across Townsville North Queensland, particularly on Magnetic Island.

“On a local scale, tourism in Townsville North Queensland contributes over $1.26 billion to the regional economy, and rates as the sixth largest employer in the region,” Ms Woolfe said.

“We have a vision for growing our region through tourism, and we believe we can achieve this by supporting our hero experience in Magnetic Island,” Ms Woolfe said.

“The report findings are a real coup for the work in this space, justifying a real need for tourism planning, and further infrastructure development on the island to meet growing consumer demand.”

A strong focus on future developments and building a strategic tourism vision is a priority for both Townsville Enterprise, and Tourism Magnetic Island.

Chair of the local tourism body (Tourism Magnetic Island) Norman Jenkin said the island had experienced one of their best years on record and is happy to see the figures in the report reflect that.

“Operators across the island have worked tirelessly to give visitors to our region the best experience of the island; a place we are proud of, and value for its continued contribution to our community, both economically and socially,” Mr Jenkin said.

“The report validates figures we already knew in our hearts, but now we can unequivocally demonstrate how integral the island is to our region.”

“Our hope is that the next phase for the island will see further improvements to the visitor experience, and help local business grow sustainably to the benefit of those living on the island, and across our great region.”

View the Magnetic Island Economic Assessment Report here.

For more information on Townsville Enterprise’s tourism and events advocacy programs, visit

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