DAY 5: North West Queensland Road Trip | Unlock the North. Progress the State.

Click the video above for an overview of the fifth and final day of the North West Queensland road trip for Townsville Enterprise CEO Patricia O'Callaghan and Director - Policy & Investment Wayde Chiesa, which included:

  • Incitec Pivot Fertilsisers' Mount Isa Acid Plant tour and operational overview
  • Meeting with Glencore Mount Isa
  • Meeting with Member for Traeger, Robbier Katter MP

Today we reached the fifth and final day of our North West Queensland Road Trip and what an opportunity it's been this week touring and meeting with world leading organisations right here on our doorstep. This trip wasn't about preaching to the converted, it was about showcasing how this important corridor is not just vital to support the people and places of the north, but to the nation. And at a time our national economy is staring down the barrel of it's most challenging days the core industries of Australia are already providing, and will continue to provide, the support our economy will depend on to pull the nation out of the COVID-19 economic crisis.

Our aim this week was to highlight the depth of our mining, resources, and agricultural industries and the opportunities and challenges that confront these sectors. With so much potential in our backyard it was important to gain a deeper understanding on the infrastructure and policy commitments that are required to not just support existing operations, but also catalyse further investment and jobs.

It's been a jam-packed week and today was no different as we spent the day in the beating heart of the mining industry, Mount Isa. Here we met with three key stakeholders that call Mount Isa home, including the largest metallurgical acid plant in the world - Incitec Pivot Fertiliser's Mount Isa Acid Plant, Glencore operations, and Member for Traeger Robbie Katter MP.

We've spent five days on the road, we've visited seven operations, we've met with six Councils, endless business leaders, and the message has been consistent and clear. It's all about affordable power, an efficient rail and transport system, water security and storage, but also the right policy and regulations to support that continued growth.

We thank each and every single organisation, operation, and council who hosted us across the week. We sincerely appreciate the significant amount of time and resources dedicated to giving us a backstage pass to understand just exactly what makes the North West Minerals Province tick.

The very objective of this trip is about further supporting the advocacy of our North West councils, business leaders and advocacy groups like MITEZ, as we are stronger together and our voices speak loudly as one. Together we can turbocharge this message and put it under the national spotlight to hopefully get further action for the benefit of all our northern communities.

We hope you have gained a deeper insight, as we have, and maybe learnt a thing or two about this important part of our regional footprint, as we shine the light on the companies, communities and contributors that will unlock the north, and progress the state. This is just the start and we look forward to continuing to bring you along this journey to secure prosperity for the north and prosperity for the nation.

If you've missed any of our updates across the week they are all available at our website and Facebook page.

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