DAY 2: North West Queensland Road Trip | Unlock the North. Progress the State.

Click the video above for an overview of the second day of the North West Queensland road trip for Townsville Enterprise  CEO Patricia O'Callaghan and Director - Policy & Investment Wayde Chiesa, which included:

  • Windlab Kennedy Energy Park operations overview and tour of Southern Hemisphere's only combined wind, solar, and battery power park
  • Richmond Shire Council meeting with Mayor and CEO
  • McKinlay Shire Council meeting with CEO

On the second day of the North West Queensland Road Trip we have travelled from Hughenden to Julia Creek touring the Kennedy Energy Park, seeing firsthand the retracking of the Mount Isa to Townsville Rail line and speaking to the Mayors and Councils of the Richmond and McKinlay shires about future projects and prospects for the region.  Today was about gaining a deeper understanding of how enabling infrastructure projects and community vision can unlock jobs and investment for the North.

Major infrastructure Projects like CopperString 2.0 and an efficient Mount Isa to Townsville Supply Chain are solutions to problems that have been dogging the North for decades. For years industry has been crying out for lower energy prices and more efficient and affordable transport infrastructure and now is the time to address these calls.

When we listen to local people and hear that billion-dollar projects such as the Big Energy Kennedy Park are on pause because there is no efficient network to connect to the national grid, we leave seriously concerned. When we hear these same locals say that a project like CopperString can assist in making this very project become a reality, we question why we are still waiting.

This project becoming a reality would mean that affordable power generated in Hughenden will be able to be used by industry from Mount Isa to Townsville. What is exciting is this same project could not only help existing industries but could create new industries in North Queensland such as hydrogen production.

North Queensland is uniquely placed to lead the nation in production of renewable energy and new economy minerals. To realise this potential, we need to ensure the right common user infrastructure is in place to unlock these resources. This message was heard loud and clear through all our meetings today.

We also had the opportunity to meet with Richmond Shire Council Mayor John Wharton and discuss several developments across the shire, including a game-changing $210M agricultural precinct, and pivotal road upgrades and infrastructure to support tourism growth on the world-leading dinosaur trail on the doorstep of Richmond. The day was then rounded out with a briefing with McKinlay Shire's CEO Edwina Marks and an update on Julia Creek's key priorities.

Daily updates on the road trip will be available at our website and Facebook page as we continue to shine the spotlight on the companies, communities and contributors that will unlock the north, and progress the state.

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