CEO Column - March

Over the past two weeks, we have been pounding the pavement in Brisbane and Canberra strongly pushing the jobs agenda for Townsville North Queensland, promoting the need for Government to continue investing, partnering and working with our region to deliver jobs to our community.

By meeting with a range of ministers, heads of department and senior advisors, we have been pushing our State and Federal Budget Submissions that include the projects and policies that will not only create employment opportunities, but career paths for our young people, address issues that stifle economic development and provide opportunities to arrest the increasing cost of living.

To give credit where credit is due, the past few years have been successful in securing funding announcements that address these issues. The $225M Haughton Pipeline Duplication one of particular significance, the $2.2M Hells Gates Feasibility Study under the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund and the $250M North Queensland Stadium.

However, the public dollar is exceptionally competitive, and whist the region is on its way to recovery with these recent investments, we cannot lose momentum.

By filling in these gaps with key projects like the Mount Isa to Townsville Rail Line, support for the Battery Plant, the Museum of Underwater Art and a new Entertainment and Exhibition Centre, we can attract greater investment for our region, creating even more jobs in our community.

Whilst all three levels of Government have prioritised water and energy infrastructure in the Townsville City Deal, it is now critical in upcoming budgets to continue backing those words with decisive action.

Whilst the economic indicators are improving for the region, right now we still have 11,000 people out of a job. Our focus is to get these people into work. This package of priorities is the solution to that problem and we look forward to receiving positive and proactive announcements for our region.

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