Advocacy Alert: Regional Queensland jobs cannot be put at risk

Townsville Enterprise has unashamedly supported the Adani Carmichael Project and the opening of the Galilee Basin, and the subsequent jobs this will create for regional Queensland, since day one.

The Townsville North Queensland region is already experiencing a boost to its economy as a result of the project, with over 200 people employed in the Regional Headquarters based in Townsville. Tenders and contracts have also been awarded to local businesses, supplies are coming through the Port of Townsville and our city will be one of two FIFO hubs for the project. The momentum of the project has generated local business and consumer confidence, with the company not only investing into business but also various community initiatives across the region.

Whilst this is not the only project currently in our region's pipeline, it is a significant one, and elected representatives should not be swayed by inner city southern Greens who have an anti-jobs agenda, putting regional Queensland jobs at risk. The extreme Greens anti-resources agenda must be rejected by all parties to ensure we can continue to deliver jobs based on good science, sustainable management and not Green ideology.

There is a regulatory framework across all three levels of Government to scrutinise and challenge projects and Adani, to date, has ticked all those boxes. Leaders in Government challenging these approvals can pose further and unnecessary delays and disruption. This is a project that has been securing approvals for nearly eight years and has significantly invested in doing so.

The Carmichael Project is being analysed on a national and international platform, with the brand of regional Queensland, Queensland and Australia being watched with it. We want a reputation that welcomes investment, not create a reputation for making it difficult.

With the tough economic times that Townsville North Queensland has been experiencing, it's important this project proceeds and the jobs that Adani is projecting are fully realised.

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07:40 PM Mar 24th @TSVEnterprise