Advocacy Alert: CEO Patricia O'Callaghan on Hells Gates Dam & Haughton Pipeline Stage 2

Click the video above to hear an update from Townsville Enterprise CEO, Patricia O'Callaghan on the importance of securing Government funding towards both Stage 2 of the Haughton Pipeline Duplication and the Hells Gates Dam Project.

Townsville Enterprise is currently calling for full funding towards a list of Federal priorities that have been endorsed by our five regional Councils and the region’s business community.

Our number one priority for Townsville is Stage 2 of the Haughton Pipeline Duplication, complemented by the Hells Gates Dam Project which will create and sustain jobs well into our future. Our position is unequivocal - we don’t just want one project, we want to secure commitments towards them all.

We have gained significant momentum since our Canberra delegation where we spoke to Government and the Opposition about the importance of the Water Pipeline Stage 2 to secure Townsville’s water supply, as well as Hells Gates Dam to open up agricultural opportunities in what will be the largest dam in Queensland right on our backdoor step.

The Northern Australia Agenda sets out to not just fund studies, but to provide real investment into nation building projects that will set the direction for the development of the North. The North Queensland community will need to continue working hard to secure a significant portion of Government funds to get our region’s 11,000 unemployed back into work, and our Federal Election package of priorities will be a step to achieve this.

For generations, the prosperity of our city has relied on the wealth of the surrounding regions. The resource rich North West Minerals Province, the lower Burdekin's thriving agricultural land, the globally recognised Great Barrier Reef, unique islands and World Heritage rainforests. With billions of dollars allocated to projects in the south of the country, we need to capture these natural assets, join with the communities reliant on them and speak with a unified voice to secure our region's future.

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