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CEO Column - May 2020

30th May 2020 | Tags: Column

Over $90 million is bleeding from North Queensland every week that domestic travel is restricted. It’s a sobering number from our tourism and hospitality sector - the industry hit first and hard...

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CEO Column - March 2020

28th March 2020 | Tags: Column

To say the four weeks since my last column have been surreal would be an understatement. A column that celebrated the upcoming celebration of the historic QCB Stadium opening and what can be achieved when a community rallies together. Those days now seem like light-years ago and our new reality is c...

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CEO Column - February 2020

29th February 2020 | Tags: Column

Last weekend's first major event at our new Queensland Country Bank Stadium spoke volumes of the power of the North Queensland community when presenting a strong and unified vision. Public funds are exceptionally difficult to secure, with each region in Australia every day pushing their case to deci...

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CEO Column - January 2020

31st January 2020 | Tags: Column

Between a new stadium, new dam, new pipeline, new mines, new underwater sculptures, new events, and new agricultural opportunities, who could anticipate we would usher in the new decade with such positivity after the flooding devastation our region suffered only 12 months ago. From the $400M+ worth ...

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CEO Column - April 2019

30th April 2019 | Tags: Column

There is strength in unity and the last few years is a testament to how North Queenslanders can work together and against all odds secure wins. Despite being a long way from Brisbane and Canberra Parliament halls, we’ve ensured we’re not out of sight or out of mind. Townsville Enterprise...

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CEO Column - February 2019

28th February 2019 | Tags: Column

The importance of Townsville Enterprise partnering with regional mayors and industry bodies, as a part of a North and North West Queensland delegation to Parliament House last week, cannot be overerstated. As a united Northern voice, we sent a clear message that in the weeks and months following the...

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CEO Column - January 2019

25th January 2019 | Tags: Column

Whether it’s tourism, construction, education or mining, consistency and transparency from government is critical for investment certainty, regardless of industry. We would argue this no matter what the project. Changing the goal posts on the Carmichael Mine project sends a concerning signal t...

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CEO Column - December

22nd December 2018 | Tags: Column

2018 – the year the momentum started to shift in Townsville North Queensland. It has been a year unlike any other in our region’s recent history, with several major outcomes secured for the north.  On top of $200 million to fully fund Stage 2 of the Haughton Pipeline, $54 million to...

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CEO Column - November

29th November 2018 | Tags: Column

What a month it has been for Townsville and North Queensland!  Within 10 days our region received over $400 million in funding commitments from Prime Minister Morrison and the Federal Government. We welcomed $200 million to fully fund Stage 2 of the Haughton Pipeline and $54 million to kick sta...

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CEO Column - October

31st October 2018 | Tags: Column

It is the 21st century and in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Townsville is still fighting for the right to have basic water security.  We welcome Brad Webb’s Water Taskforce findings announced yesterday, reaffirming the critical importance of Stage 2 of the Water Pipeline t...

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CEO Column - September

29th September 2018 | Tags: column

The Australian Government’s developing relationship with Singapore presents an immense opportunity for local businesses. Over $25.4 billion was generated in two-way trading between Australia and Singapore in 2017, growing by 188% over the past twenty years and accounting for 3.3% of Australia&...

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CEO Column - August

30th August 2018 | Tags: column

Five mayors, 90 business representatives, 16 meetings, 28 politicians and two major events turbocharged North Queensland’s voice in our nation’s capital during a three-day delegation presenting our federal priorities. Whilst Canberra has had changes, the priorities for Townsville, Burdek...

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CEO Column - July

27th July 2018 | Tags: column

Water, energy, tourism, defence, agriculture and relocating Government departments of into North Queensland as well as key job creating projects and policies will be high on the agenda when Townsville Enterprise along with our five regional mayors join private sector representatives on a delegation ...

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CEO Column - June

29th June 2018 | Tags: Column

The budget delivered by Townsville City Council this week is one that has listened and responded to community concerns.  Over $430M will be spent updating the city’s aging infrastructure and ensuring the community has access to basic necessities, such as a secure and reliable water source...

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CEO Column - May

31st May 2018 | Tags: Column

How lucky are we to live in a region abundant with food products growing right on our doorstep? From sugarcane to pineapples, mangoes to lentils, North Queensland has incredibly rich agricultural assets supported by year-round growing conditions. Not every country is as privileged, which is why this...

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CEO Column - April

27th April 2018 | Tags: Column

Well isn’t the supply chain from Townsville to Mount Isa a conundrum! Firstly, the Port’s channel widening project, valued at $193M, has a $75M grant from the State Government and $43M from the Port but the request for $75M from the Federal Government is still being considered. The ...

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CEO Column - March

29th March 2018 | Tags: Column

Over the past two weeks, we have been pounding the pavement in Brisbane and Canberra strongly pushing the jobs agenda for Townsville North Queensland, promoting the need for Government to continue investing, partnering and working with our region to deliver jobs to our community. By meeting with a r...

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CEO Column - November

15th November 2017 | Tags: column

A word from Townsville Enterprise CEO, Patricia O’Callaghan... Elections can be confusing at the best of times, but the first week of this year’s State Election has to go down in the history books as one of the most bewildering. It started out fairly standard, with the major parties trav...

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CEO Column - December

12th December 2017 | Tags: column

A word from Townsville Enterprise CEO, Patricia O’Callaghan... Congratulations to the Premier and the Labor Party on retaining Government in Queensland after an extremely close State Election, particularly within our local electorates. I would like to acknowledge Coralee O'Rourke, Scott Stewar...

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CEO Column - January

17th January 2018 | Tags: column

A word from Townsville Enterprise CEO, Patricia O’Callaghan... North Queensland is emerging from a tough period, with 2018 a critical year to continue that momentum. The latest PVW Partners’ Business Confidence Index indicated a rise in business confidence across Townsville by 6.1 points...

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CEO Column - February

23rd February 2018 | Tags: column

A word from Townsville Enterprise CEO, Patricia O’Callaghan... This week it was front page news that the Tigerair flights are exceeding all expectations with thousands of southern visitors pouring into Townsville for a North Queensland holiday. The conversation following this news was interest...

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