DAY 4: North West Queensland Road Trip | Unlock the North. Progress the State.

Click the video above for an overview of the fourth day of the North West Queensland road trip for Townsville Enterprise CEO Patricia O'Callaghan and Director - Policy & Investment Wayde Chiesa, which included:

  • MMG Dugald River mine operations 
  • Chumvale sub station - CopperString connection junction
  • Mount Isa City Council meeting with Mayor
  • MITEZ, Commerce North West, and State Development meeting

On the fourth and most jam-packed day of our North West Queensland Road Trip we travelled from the centre of the North West Minerals Province through to the beating heart of the mining industry and one of the regions where it all begun, Mount Isa.

Across the day we had the opportunity to tour and discuss the operations at one of the world's largest zinc mines at the Cloncurry based MMG Dugald River Mine and see firsthand the sub-station where Copperstring plans to link the North West to the National Energy Market to unlock billions dollars of investment currently sitting in the ground.

Once again across the day the common themes we heard centered upon the cost of energy, infrastructure constraints, and the critical role of the link connecting the North West to the Port of Townsville. It's also important to note that there has been much discussion on the urgent need of finding and supporting ways to further unlock the $680 billion dollars' worth of untapped mineral resource potential across this region. We've also been hearing how important it is to ensure an attractive and globally competitive investment environment for existing producers and those looking to lay down foundations in the North West.

These key points cannot be overstated and at a time no more important than now considering the current economic climate we are currently facing in the COVID-19 recovery and taking a holistic approach to these solutions.

Today we also had the opportunity to meet with Mount Isa City Council Mayor Danielle Slade who reiterated the importance of the mining industry which so strongly supports her community, a number of visionary projects, and the critical link between Townsville and Mount Isa. We rounded out the day with Tammy Parry the Mount Isa Department of State Development representative, MITEZ and Commerce North West who spoke about how COVID-19 has impacted the community and how the synergies between the work of Townsville Enterprise and the industry bodies of the North West can work even closer to leverage the opportunities across the richest minerals province in the world.

Daily updates on the road trip continue to be available at our website and Facebook page as all this week we shine the spotlight on the companies, communities and contributors that will unlock the north, and progress the state.

The day was capped off with the opportunity to chat to Peter Gleeson on his Sky News 'Across Australia' program live from Mount Isa where Townsville Enterprise CEO Patricia O'Callaghan discussed our Road Trip to Recovery and the opportunities and challenges of the North West and the region's significance to the State and National economy.

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