CEO Column - June

The budget delivered by Townsville City Council this week is one that has listened and responded to community concerns. 

Over $430M will be spent updating the city’s aging infrastructure and ensuring the community has access to basic necessities, such as a secure and reliable water source. Importantly, this spending will also stimulate local job creation.

A balanced mix of commitments was handed down by Council, including free 15-minute CBD parking, $159M to fast-track the water pipeline (including a $15M State Government grant), $9M to upgrade the new Stadium surrounding area and $900K towards determining the feasibility of a lagoon on the Strand.

With an anticipated growth rate of 5.1% in Townsville over the next five years, these are just some of the measures to ensure the city can support expanding community and business activity.

According to the latest PVW survey, Townsville’s business confidence has rebounded to the second highest level of confidence in the last 11 years. A 12.5 point jump was recorded in the June 2018 quarter - the largest single quarterly increase in business confidence in the survey’s 27 year history.

Whilst this is an encouraging sign, we must respect the fragility of our city’s economy, which is why this budget required strong economic leadership from Council. The Mayor and her team have delivered a realistic, but progressive budget that will stimulate our economy and continue reaffirming to local businesses that there are green shoots on the horizon.

We look forward to continuing working closely with Council to deliver the city’s objectives in a timely manner and supporting the projects and initiatives which will have positive impacts on the broader region.

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