2022 Federal Election scorecard launched

12th April 2022

With the Prime Minister calling the 2022 Federal Election on Sunday, we have also gone into election mode, keeping a close eye on both parties over the next five and half weeks to track and report on the policy and funding commitments that are going to make a positive difference for the future economic security and prosperity of North Queensland and its communities.  

We published our first Election Scorecard over the weekend, which highlights party's performance against our Unlock the North budget submission document.  Unlock the North is the project pathway we took to Canberra via a digital delegation in February, ensuring that the Government and the Opposition have been briefed at the highest levels on the enabling infrastructure required for North Queensland to continue to deliver results for our region, the state, and the nation.

Both major parties have delivered early commitments outlined in Unlock the North, with the ALP delivering a $22m commitment to the Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct, and the Coalition delivering a mammoth $5.4 billion commitment, subject to the final business case, to fund the full Hells Gates Dam project along with a $1.7 billion dollar investment to support the agriculture projects it will facilitate. 

We will continue to advocate and hold both parties to account during the campaign to ensure that our region secures the investments required to secure our future and generate long term opportunity and prosperity for North Queenslanders.

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