Event Incentive Funding

Are you seeking financial assistance to bring your next business event, conference, sporting event or major event to Townsville North Queensland? Your event may be eligible to receive support through Townsville North Queensland’s newly established event Bid Fund.

What is the bid fund?

Townsville Enterprise Convention Bureau, Townsville City Council, Queensland State Government represented by Tourism and Events Queensland as well as a collective of local accommodation and venue operators have contributed to a funding pool to support the attraction of new events into Townsville North Queensland. The Bid Fund is managed by Townsville Enterprise Convention Bureau and events which are seeking financial support must meet the following guidelines and eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria


  • The event must provide a strong and positive economic impact to the Townsville North Queensland region
  • The event is not yet committed to or confirmed to be hosted in Townsville North Queensland
  • The event would not consider Townsville North Queensland as a destination without funding
  • The event will increase event-specific visitor expenditure and build the profile of the destination
  • The event is strategically aligned to the Townsville North Queensland Destination Tourism Plan
  • At least 50% of event attendees are likely to travel to Townsville North Queensland and will stay in at least one night of paid accommodation
  • The event organisers agree to completing a Post Event Acquittal prior to invoicing
  • Timing of existing major events is taken into consideration and discussed with TEL prior to committing to event dates


  • The event supports a balanced events calendar
  • The event is held outside of peak consumer tourism periods
  • The funding will go towards; marketing, travel/logistics or improved visitor experience
  • There is a likelihood of the event returning to Townsville North Queensland without funding


Interested in accessing or seeking additional information about the Bid Fund?

Karen Taylor
Events Acquisition Executive
Townsville Enterprise Convention Bureau
Phone: 07 4726 2753


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