Great Barrier Reef - Whole of State Drive Campaign

The Great Barrier Reef is ‘Nature’s greatest gift to Australia and our greatest legacy to the world.’

The Great Barrier Reef has been identified as Queensland’s biggest competitive strength and is recognised within one of Tourism and Event’s Queensland’s key strategic experience pillars. 950,000 domestic and 360,000 international visitors tour Queensland by road annually (DTESB, Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy, 2013).

In an aim to increase length of stay, expenditure and visitor numbers and further leverage the campaign activity being undertaken by Tourism Australia and Tourism and Events Queensland around the Great Barrier Reef, an opportunity was identified to develop and promote a drive guide (available in various languages).

The Ultimate Guide to Driving the Great Barrier Reef highlights key attractions and helps direct visitors on a journey through all the Great Barrier Reef destinations using itineraries and high quality mapping. 350,000 printed copies of the guide will be distributed in the 2017/2018 financial year throughout visitor information centers, accommodation properties, rental companies and more. The guide is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German and French. In addition to the printed guide, an e-Book version has been developed.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE Ultimate Guide to Driving the Great Barrier Reef

Campaign Objective

To build awareness of the destinations along the Great Barrier Reef


Advertising Sales and Material Deadline:  Opportunity has closed (please enquire to be placed on a waiting list for the next version of the Guide)

Digital Marketing Campaign Burst One: August 2017

Digital Marketing Campaign Burst Two: October/November 2017

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