EOI - The Pitch

The Townsville Enterprise Tourism and Events Team are inviting you to submit an Expression of Interest to pitch a project for Townsville North Queensland. If you have a particular project you believe the Townsville Enterprise team should be involved in, we would like to hear about it!

Entries close Monday 3 September 2018.

The Pitch Terms and Conditions:

  • Have to receive the project by Monday 03 September 2018. 
  • Project Partners/Stakeholders must be members of Townsville Enterprise.
  • Total project cost must not exceed $20,000. (Maximum is $10,000 matched funding from Townsville Enterprise).
  • The successful EOI’s must attend a networking function, to pitch their projects in front of the Tourism and Events Industry in Townsville North Queensland.
  • The project funding has to be matched funding by project partners.
  • The projects must have a minimum of three project partners/stakeholders, not including Townsville Enterprise.

What are we looking for? Here's some inspiration!
Some of the most successful projects and campaigns this region has ever seen has been driven by industry with strong collaboration. We want to hear new, innovative and collaborative ideas of projects and campaigns! Below are a few examples of projects we've spotted from across the globe.

Examples and Case Studies

Bringing Augmented Reality to our Walks:

Imagine transforming two dimensional signage on our regions hiking trails and walks into augmented reality complete with interactive 3D models, video content, sound and more! PEEKAVU is a new technology which has been implemented into the Otago Settlers Museum in New Zealand. This technology is completely mobile and easily accessible to tourists and could provide a completely unique and immersive experience to our visitors. 


Destination Animation (an example from Canada):

Stratford in Canada was identified as a 'Cultural Resort Town' but suffered from a rainy climate. To leverage the region's strong cultural identity and make the most of the rainy weather, a consortium of businesses painted hidden quotes from Shakespeare throughout the city on sidewalks and walks, but these only appear when it rains!  


Project Name

Primary Contact Person





Total Project Incomes

Partner/Business Contributions

Requested Townsville Enterprise Contribution

Additional Government Funding (already secured)

In-kind Support

Total Project Costs


Lead (responsible for project delivery)

Project Partners/Stakeholders, list below


Project Description Please summarise your project, defining what the project is, what will be achieved/delivered, why it is needed and the key activities that will be involved.


What is the project's overarching objective and how can this be measured?


Please summarise how this project meets the following criteria.

1. How will this project increase the number of visitors to Townsville North Queensland?

2. How does the project show strong levels of innovation/new ideas?

3. How will this project engage with the greater tourism and business industry and Townsville North Queensland community?


Commencement Date

Completion Date

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