'Find Your Shine' Summer Marketing Campaign

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Townsville Enterprise has officially launched a new marketing campaign to shine the spotlight on a host of new travel and  accommodation packages encouraging locals and visitors to find their shine in the region this summer after a challenging 2020.

The ‘Find Your Shine’ summer campaign will be delivered in two bursts of activity, targeted to Queensland and potentially New South Wales (pending border reopening).

  • Burst one – November 2020: driving visitation for the Christmas period.
  • Burst two – February 2021: media plan to be developed based on learnings from Burst One.

The campaign will focus on driving bookings through targeted promotion of highly inspirational content and itineraries using digital techniques to pinpoint market interests. The itineraries have been built around key areas of interest (also known as ‘passion-segments’) including diving & snorkeling, hiking and fitness, wildlife and conservation, luxury, fishing, events and family holidays (see more below).

‘Find Your Shine’ explained

A heartfelt sense of achievement, the quest for wonder and a twinkling of unbridled freedom. When the weight of the world leaves your shoulders and is replaced by a lightness and subtle calm – awash in your own inner bliss. It’s in these moments that we ‘shine’.

Townsville North Queensland – a place where our people, our landscapes and our experiences help visitors to find their shine!

Travelling helps us find the best version of our self. Experiencing the natural wonders that surrounds us helps us to take stock and leave re-energized.

Our Summer campaign will be centred around the concept of ‘Find Your Shine in Townsville North Queensland’. With an increased desire to travel and an aspiration to express our inner selves, the concept to ‘Find Your Shine’ supports the global trend of rediscovery and self-care, to find what makes us truly happy following what has been a challenging year for everyone.

Domestic travel offers the enriching experience to reconnect with the environments, attractions and local characters that make Townsville North Queensland such unique destination.

Example packages (click for more):

Operator information and partnership opportunities

Overarching destination messages

  • Continue to position Townsville North Queensland as the gateway to all of Australia’s most iconic landscapes - reef, rainforest, Outback and wetlands.
  • Co-branded with Queensland’s Good to Go to leverage existing brand awareness, particularly as we re-enter into interstate markets (e.g. NSW).
  • A region that offers diverse experiences, to a wide range of demographics.

Key markets

  • Queenslanders (Regional Drive Market, South-East Queensland – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast)
  • Potentially Sydney, New South Wales (pending border reopening)
    • Primary: High-Value-Travellers (HVT) & Double-Income-No-Kids (DINKS), aged 20-65+ years
    • Secondary: Family market


Townsville Enterprise have worked with media agency – IKON Communications through the iMATE program – to define passion segments from our engaged, and lookalike audience groups. Segments aligns with data already received from sentiment surveys of the destination which highlighted these activities as key reasons for travel to our region. The data has also taken into account our audience size, and operator feedback.


Townsville Enterprise have aligned the timing of this campaign to support the launch of a brand-new destination website, townsvillenorthqueensland.com.au. The new online platform is a complete rebrand, and offers seamless integrated booking capacity, and itinerary creation.

The ‘Find Your Shine’ summer campaign will launch on Monday 16 November, allowing a three-week lead-in period before Queensland school holidays.

  • Campaign period: 16 November 2020 – 19 December 2020
  • Travel dates: 7 December 2020 – 28 February 2021*
    *NB. Please supply any exclusion dates that fall within these travel periods.
  • School holidays commence
    • Queensland: 10 December 2020 - 26 January 2021
    • New South Wales: 19 December 2020 - 26 January 2021

How to get involved?

Participation in this campaign is open to ANY Townsville North Queensland based tourism operator. Operators must have a listing on the townsvillenorthqueensland.com.au website (listings are free) and offer a competitive rate to Townsville Enterprise for the purpose of packaging and selling through our booking platform – BookEasy. Commission is charged up to 15% for any bookings made. (See additional cooperative buy-in options below).

To be part of the campaign, you will be required to:

  • List your business/product/experience on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse. Listings are currently FREE and available for the next 24 months.Register here> https://atdw.com.au
  • Must be on Book Easy so we can sell your product through our destination website.
  • Must provide a deal/offer/rate that can be packaged or sold separately (example below). Must also provide full details with all inclusions, terms and conditions, cancellation policy and travel/block out dates (if applicable).

Operator Buy-in and Benefits

The ‘Find Your Shine’ Summer campaign will be promoted primarily across digital channels, with additional options for cooperative buy-in for guaranteed exposure. It is FREE to participate in this campaign, however, there are optional buy-in packages available for additional coverage.

Tier 1

Operator must offer competitive rate/deal
-Dedicated social media allocation as per targeting (section ‘Key Markets’)
-A Google Sponsored Post ad as per targeting
-Creative to be co-branded
-Feature in Quiz itinerary
-Featured inclusion in cooperative print advertisement in Townsville Bulletin
-Featured inclusion in local radio advertising campaign
-Feature advertising placement in e-newsletter distribution
-Featured listing on Deals page

$4,000 per operator (only 2 spaces available)

Tier 2

Operator must offer exclusive bookable rate/deal
-Dedicated social media allocation as per targeting (section ‘Key Markets’)
-Feature in Quiz itinerary
-Featured inclusion in cooperative print advertisement in Townsville Bulletin
-Mention in e-newsletter distribution
-Featured listing on Deals page

$1,000 per operator (only 4 spaces available)


Operator must offer exclusive bookable rate/deal
-Potential feature across all campaign activity*
-Inclusion in Quiz itinerary*
-Featured listing on Deals page

*At discretion of Townsville Enterprise


Register your interest

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