'Townsville North Queensland Rebrand' Project

About the project

With the challenges of the last two years still fresh in our minds, Townsville Enterprise has taken the opportunity to undertake a destination review in order to develop an updated and distinctive destination brand positioning for Townsville North Queensland (Townsville, Magnetic Island, Hinchinbrook, Burdekin and Charters Towers) in what has become an ever-increasingly competitive tourism landscape. To perform this review, Townsville Enterprise - with the direction of the Steering Committee (more below) - have appointed global destination brand experts The Lab Insight and Strategy to deliver this work.

The project is focusing strongly on developing a story for our destination which is centred on visitor/tourists’ insights and sentiments, ensuring the position is enticing to continue to attract existing markets, but also grow new markets and optimise the additional aviation access our region has recently secured. Using in-depth digital reviews, focus groups, mobile data insights and qualitative forums, consumer research is key to optimising the destination's best known assets and uncover future tourism development opportunities.

In addition, the project is being guided by a Steering Committee of industry leaders from the region and across Australia.


  • Development of a distinctive destination brand positioning for Townsville North Queensland, including consideration of a regional re-name (if aligned to research findings).
  • Align to Queensland’s consumer strategy and state-wide brand architecture, with strong focus on consumer insights and research.
  • Consider emerging trends in domestic and international tourism landscape to future-proof the destination brand (i.e., sustainability, eco-traveller, wellness).
  • Consider the domestic competitor landscape and state tourism brand and look to factor in rebound international markets suitable to Townsville North Queensland offerings.
  • Deliver an implementation plan including brand identity and creative look and feel of the new destination brand.

The Steering Committee

The Brand and Marketing Steering Committee currently includes representatives of the following organisations:

  • Townsville Enterprise 
  • Tourism and Events Queensland
  • Townsville City Council
  • Queensland Airports Limited
  • Sealink Queensland
  • Northern Escape Collective

Project Update

As at 10 May 2022:

  • Data obtained through Stakeholder Engagement survey consolidated (approx. 70 community responses)
  • Digital Intelligence Review conducted, over 230K conversations analysed
  • Big Qual (qualitative interviews using AI) analysing 161 domestic travel intenders
  • Consultants undertake regional famil to first-hand experience the destination
  • Conducted four co-creation focus groups with travel intenders from South-East Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney

Next Steps...

Once the new brand platform has been finalised, here are some of the many steps Townsville Enterprise will undertake to bring the Townsville North Queensland community on the journey to deliver and own the new brand positioning and creative execution. Here are some of the activities that will follow:

  • Re-engage stakeholder groups to test new destination brand positioning statements
  • Consultant to develop 'Brand Book' to describe brand territory, which will be used to develop creative execution
  • Deliver stakeholder activation workshops to execute new brand platform

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