Together in Tourism

Townsville Enterprise is proud to launch a new community campaign, focusing on the quiet achievers who help contribute $1.2 billion to the economy and provide 8,000 local jobs. The 'Together in Tourism' campaign shines a light on the supply chain within the industry and demonstrates how interlinked the sector is, and highlights the businesses who unexpectedly rely on tourism to keep them afloat.

We're sharing ALL the faces behind the tourism industry, from those you see at the front offering tours and services, to those behind the scenes that help keep the whole operation going. It's the produce suppliers who need restaurants to be busy. It's the mechanical engineers onboard ferries to Magnetic Island. It's the housekeepers keeping our hotel rooms in perfect condition for guests. These people keep the tourism industry moving forward, but also depend on the tourism industry to provide for their families.

Watch our 'Together in Tourism' full length TV commercial

Thank you to all the operators who were involved in this campaign video and for giving up their time to help us share this important message with the community.

Ways you can be 'Together in Tourism'

Show your support

Show how you’re together in tourism by getting involved in our community campaign. There’re plenty of ways OPERATORS can support this initiative:

  • Use the hashtag #togetherintourism
  • Feature your suppliers on your social channels
  • Share our Together in Tourism video available on Townsville Enterprise's social channels
  • Use the Townsville Enterprise downloadable toolkit to post creative tiles on your channels and boost awareness for the Together in Tourism initiative
  • Ask your guests or customers to back the campaign and help raise support for the industry

Show how you’re together in tourism by getting involved in our community campaign. There’re plenty of ways the COMMUNITY can support this initiative:

  • Use the hashtag #togetherintourism and #townsvilleshines
  • Share the Townsville Enterprise downloadable community toolkit through your social media channels, posting our creative assets to boost awareness of the industry initiative
  • Support local – your business goes further than you might think, it supports tourism businesses and their suppliers who are members of our community (you never know, they could be your neighbours!)

We want to spread the word that tourism reaches unexpected corners of our community and we need your help to do that. 

We've created a special toolkit for the industry and the community to use and share. Download these social tiles to use on your social media or website to show how you're 'Together in Tourism'.

Share your stories on how you are a part of the tourism industry and continue to support the local faces who make this industry so important.

Operator ToolkitCommunity Toolkit

In the media

This campaign has grabbed the attention of local media who are keen to support the overall aim of elevating the entire tourism industry and its supply chain. Here are some of the snippets of news articles that have included Townsville Enterprise members and local operators who are backing our 'Together in Tourism' campaign.


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Together in Tourism

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