CEO Column - January

A word from Townsville Enterprise CEO, Patricia O’Callaghan...

North Queensland is emerging from a tough period, with 2018 a critical year to continue that momentum.

The latest PVW Partners’ Business Confidence Index indicated a rise in business confidence across Townsville by 6.1 points; a positive trend for the sixth consecutive quarter. There are currently 84 projects in the construction phase in Townsville North Queensland with a value of over $16.2 M and a number of opportunities available in the medium to long-term. It is also welcomed news that 12,200 people gained either full-time or part-time employment in the region across the past 12 months. This is off the back of over $2B worth of public infrastructure projects now underway and the private investment that has followed suit.

While we are moving ahead, we are not ignorant of the fact that there are a number of people and businesses still hurting. Our region continues to battle several social and economic issues such as crime, and even crocodiles, with these challenges impacting confidence, business and even visitation.

This year, we must all work harder and more collaboratively to secure further public and private investment, with our role at Townsville Enterprise to rally the troops and drive that action.

Our recovery by and large is happening by design, not by accident or divine intervention. With our community taking up the challenge and by government listening and taking action, we are on the road to recovery, as we begin 2018 with confidence, optimism and our sleeves rolled up.

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