CEO Column - February 2019

The importance of Townsville Enterprise partnering with regional mayors and industry bodies, as a part of a North and North West Queensland delegation to Parliament House last week, cannot be overerstated.

As a united Northern voice, we sent a clear message that in the weeks and months following the devastating flooding event, our region will not be out of sight and out of mind. Whilst it can be easy for those not from the North to move on, our community is still piecing their lives back together, with many local businesses and key industries at a standstill.

Townsville is the capital of North Queensland and we take great pride in our responsibility to help our neighbours in the North West. Importantly, we also acknowledge the significant role those regions play in providing much of the economic foundation for us locally, including the North West Minerals Province as a major driver for our port.

We are fighting together to ensure the economic recovery and resilience of the North is committed to across the political divide. It’s about the necessary means to rebuild infrastructure to last and with the capacity to provide opportunities for the long term, such as the Mount Isa to Townsville rail corridor and opening the Galilee Basin.

As we draw closer to the Federal Budget and Election we will maintain our passion and advocacy for a strong North. We aren’t asking for an opportunistic open cheque book. We’re asking for the commitments that were already necessary to secure a strong future - but to use the necessity to rebuild out of disaster to build better and faster for our region.

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