Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA)

Townsville North Queensland has a growing reputation for providing unique and enriching experiences for residents and visitors alike. These are founded on an inspiring combination of assets, including natural environment, international-quality cultural activities and leading scientific institutions.

Building on these strengths, Townsville North Queensland could further strengthen its position as a leading region in Northern Australia through facilitation of an underwater art museum.

Underwater art museums are artistic installations, usually involving sculptured works placed on the seafloor or riverbeds to provide fascinating visual, emotional and physical experiences for visitors. Among the most famous and effective examples of this art form are works by Jason de Caires Taylor, who has installed major works in several Northern Hemisphere locations, including the Bahamas and Grenada (Caribbean), Cancun (Mexico) and London (Thames River).

High-quality, large-scale installations such as those done by de Caires Taylor attract very large numbers of visitors and high-profile media coverage. Such installations in the waters adjacent to Townsville would be the first of their kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Townsville Enterprise recently released an Economic Impact Assessment on what the proposed Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) would have on the Townsville North Queensland economy. This project is also a key project in Townsville Enterprise’s State Election Priorities.


Image: Artwork and photograph by Jason deCaires Taylor

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