Lithium-ion Battery Plant

What is the Townsville Battery Plant project?

Imperium3 resources are proposing to build a 15 GWh lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Townsville. The Queensland State Government and Imperium3 recently signed an assistance agreement to provide up to $3.1 million for a feasibility study into this project. This follows Townsville City Council and Imperium3 earlier in the year signing a high-level agreement to progress the $2 billion 15 GWh lithium-ion battery plant Once in full production the 15GWh manufacturing facility can produce either 250,000 car batteries per annum (up to 400km range) or one million home battery units or support 300 microgrids to power small towns.

What the project means for Townsville 

The project will also have tremendous benefits to Townsville with up to 1,000 direct jobs in the manufacturing facility and an additional 1,000 new jobs in the direct support businesses with up to 5,000 new jobs in downstream original equipment manufacturing. It will the cornerstone development in the establishment of the largest high technology manufacturing hub in Australia, a hub that will be powered by renewable energies and comply with the highest environmental standards. 

Technology involved 

Consortium partners are contributing a range of cutting edge technologies to the project. Magnis Resources, will be providing anode materials and technologies using its high-quality graphite. Eastman Kodak and C4V, a knowledge company possessing critical insight related to optimum performance of lithium-ion batteries will provide the cathode material and manufacturing expertise. C&D Assembly, Inc. will provide the lithium-ion battery management systems.

What it means to Australia’s capability to have the project 

The project will see Australia home to largest lithium battery plant in the world outside of the USA and China. The associated Battery Technology Development Hub will put Australia at the forefront of battery development. The plant will allow the development of a sustainable high technology manufacturing and research sector in North Queensland.

Ownership/Governance Structure 

The project partners have established a consortium to manage the development and management of the plant. Townsville City Council has entered in to discussions with Imperium3 to take an equity position in the project through its allocation of land at the Woodstock Industrial site.

Woodstock Intersection Upgrade 

Investigating the upgrade of the Woodstock Intersection is a project of the Townsville City Deal. In Q2 2017, the Queensland Government in partnership with Townsville City Council completed the Lansdown Opportunities Assessment Masterplan and Infrastructure Strategy. The Queensland Government is now progressing the findings of the Masterplan as they relate to access to the state-controlled road network, in seeking to establish the safest and most efficient access location between the Lansdown Industrial Estate and the Flinders Highway.

What is the research and development component of the project
The project consortium is in advanced discussions with its partners and a range of corporations to develop a Batteries Technology Hub on site as part of the project.

How will skills development/ training needs be addressed?

The project will provide the opportunity for local VET and Higher Learning Institutes to partner with the project in delivering training for staff and participation in research and development.

Current status of project

Imperium3 has submitted financial details to the Department of State Development as part of the Queensland Government’s approval process for $3.1 million contribution to complete a Feasibility Study.

Project Milestones
  • April 2018 - Project commencement
  • April 2018 - Project launch meeting 
  •  June 2018 - Townsville City Council and Imperium3 Project Agreement signed
  • August 2018 - Queensland Government and Imperium3 assistance package signed 
  • Mid 2019 - Feasibility Study complete 

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