Galilee Basin Pledge

Do you support the immediate opening of the Galilee Basin &

jobs for North Queensland?


The Galilee Basin is situated on the doorstep of North Queensland. There are several mines that could proceed in the Galilee Basin, with Adani’s Carmichael Mine the first that must receive approval. These mining projects would generate more than 15,000 direct jobs and up to $40 billion in taxes, helping to fund more schools, hospitals and public services in Queensland communities.

These are jobs and services North Queensland families desperately need and deserve.

Yet despite this, after nearly 10 years of approval processes and failed activist appeals, not one mine has turned sod. Instead of action we see some politicians bending to southern activism and lawfare which represents a long-term risk to not just the Galilee Basin, but to North Queensland’s economy.

Politics is preventing North Queenslanders from having these jobs. Politics is preventing North Queenslanders from having better services. It is politics once again telling North Queenslanders how to live their lives.

It’s the job of our local politicians to stand up for our community and we are drawing a line in the sand because we have had enough.

We call on all politicians to join with us and declare their support for the IMMEDIATE opening of the Galilee Basin and jobs for North Queensland.

No more weak words, no more goal post changes. It’s time to get on with it. It’s time to be straight with our community.

That’s why we’re calling on all local politicians and candidates to stand with North Queensland business leaders and sign an “Acid Test Pledge” which has been sent to those political representatives for signature by Friday 26 April. We will then publish where our political leaders stand.

The Galilee Basin is an important part of our economic future. This call to action is about jobs for North Queenslanders now and for generations to come.

Join with us and pledge your support to the immediate opening of the Galilee Basin!


By pledging your support you consent for Townsville Enterprise to publish your name in our media and advocacy activities.

Galilee Basin Pledge

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