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Updated Friday 5 June 2020

Queensland's Roadmap to Easing Restrictions

As restrictions begin to ease, many businesses are preparing to re-open. Queensland’s Roadmap to Easing Restrictions outlines which businesses can operate at which stage, and what customer limits apply on premises. All businesses will need to do some planning to ensure they keep their business, staff and their customers safe.

Industry COVID Safe Plans

Starting from Stage 2 under Queensland’s Roadmap to Easing Restrictions eligible businesses who wish to have additional customers on their business premises, and whose business premises are large enough to do so and still meet the 4 square metre rule, will be able to apply the strategies and protocols outlined in their relevant approved Industry COVID Safe plan to do so.

From Stage 2, eligible business who are following an approved Industry COVID Safe Plan will be able to offer their services beyond the limits prescribed in the Roadmap.  An approved Industry COVID Safe Plan may specify a higher number of persons for Stage 2 if they have clearly demonstrated measures that satisfy the Chief Health Officer that they can safely do so and continue to meet one person per four square metres. An industry should highlight this as a component of their plan submission.

Find out more about approved Industry COVID Safe Plans

Other resources: 

Tourism industry decision tree - use this simple flowchart to understand when you can operate, with how many patrons, and what documentation you need to have in place.

Tourism and events industry frequently asked questions - including how to calculate how many patrons you can have on a boat or bus, rules for ferry operations, and sector-specific questions.

Fact sheet - COVID Safe Planning for tourism and events businesses - including understanding which Industry Association is writing which Industry Plans, what you need to do if you'd like to have more than 20 patrons, and how events need to develop COVID Safe Plans.

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COVID-19 Business Checklist

The Townsville Enterprise COVID-19 Business Checklist has been formulated to assist Business Owners, Employers and Sole Traders in working their way through the challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to this checklist, for specific advice Townsville Enterprise recommends contacting a Business Advisor, Accountant, Specialist or the State and Federal Government Hotlines.


Pandemic Plan Template

The below document has useful tables/templates in it to assist in the development of your pandemic plan, with a particular focus on identifying critical business functions and stakeholders – suppliers, customers, staff, boards, regulators etc. It also includes a communication matrix and plan.

Download Pandemic Plan Template


Remote Work - Tips for Employees

Courtesy of Delta

The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic has fast tracked a lot of businesses to change their working environment into a remote or mobile model. This means that many of us are now communicating and working on collaboration software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and we’re having our meetings via video chat.

Even once the pandemic is over, the business environment will be changed by this forever. You might already have staff working from home, or it might be in your future plans. Here are some tips and things to consider that might help you out.



Quick Cash Flow Scenario Planner

Courtesy of Carey Group


Legal & HR

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