No matter where you travel, customer service is always key to your experience and when an experience is bad, so too will be the online review.

In a bid to ensure visitors to the region have the best possible experience, Townsville Enterprise has developed the Townsville North Queensland Tourism Ambassador Program aimed at equipping tourism and hospitality staff with knowledge of the region.

The Program is an online ‘tourism induction’ course, targeting all areas of customer service in the region and providing a platform for tourism operators to communicate directly with members of the community who have face to face contact with visitors into our region.

From diving the reef to heading up into the rainforest to discover cat poo coffee, to exploring Magnetic Island by bus, taking a stroll around Townsville to discover the region’s rich military history or driving around in a golf buggy seeing some of the largest Texan longhorns in the world in Charters Towers, the program includes a range of experiences and attractions on offer across the region.

The course takes around two hours to complete and is free for customer service staff across Townsville North Queensland.  At the end of the Program, participants are certified 'Townsville North Queensland Tourism Ambassadors' and will have the option of signing on for opportunities to welcome visitors to the region through Visitor Information Centres, major events and cruise ship visits.

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Andrea Busiko
Andrea Busiko
Tourism Content Coordinator
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