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September 5th, 2017

Advocacy Alert: Greater Connectivity to Singapore

The Townsville Enterprise Singapore Insights Delegation is off to a flying start, with Swire Shipping making a significant announcement for Townsville during the "Connectivity, Supply Chains & Logistics" component of the full day conference at the James Cook University Singapore campus today.

Swire Shipping, the liner shipping division of The China Navigation Company (CNCo), announced today that it will launch a new direct shipping service from the Port of Townsville to Singapore with a transit time of only eight days. This new shipping service will be the quickest transit time offered from the East Coast of Australia to Singapore and will better meet the logistics needs of Townsville North Queensland businesses, and offer increased connectivity to the rest of the world.

This announcement will better support local businesses currently exporting out of Townsville, as well as the import needs of the community, and boost trade opportunities for the region. The eight-day service is a major coup for a wide range of local businesses, particularly in the horticultural industry, which will now be able to transport time-sensitive fruit and vegetables to Asian markets.

As a part of the changes to its North Asia Express (NAX) service, Swire Shipping also announced 17-day transit from Shanghai and a 15-day transit from Ningbo. Swire Shipping provides multipurpose liner services with capacity for conventional, refrigerated and project cargoes using a fleet of modern and eco-friendly vessels, and has a local office situated in Townsville.

Prior to this announcement, the 30 Townsville North Queensland business, industry and political representatives on the Insights Delegation received an Economic and Country Brief by Austrade, heard from the Singapore Economic Development Board and a panel discussion of doing business within the ASEAN from AustCham, Austrade, Trade & Investment Queensland, and the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce.

This afternoon, delegates broke off into concurrent industry specific sessions focused on Agriculture, Aquaculture, Innovation, Emerging Industries & Health, Tourism, Sport & Events and Urban Renewal, Property & Investment.

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