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June 2nd, 2017

Advocacy Alert: Energy Proposal for the North

This morning, the Queensland Government announced an investment plan that proposes significant development of hydro-electricity generation and renewable transmission assets across the North, aimed at addressing North Queensland’s energy pricing concerns.

According to the Premier, the $386 million "Powering North Queensland Plan" aims to strengthen and diversify North Queensland’s energy supply mix, drive economic growth and support 5,000 jobs.

The Premier revealed three specific actions in the plan:
- Establishment of strategic transmission infrastructure in North and North West Queensland
- Commission a hydro-electric study to assess options for deploying hydro in the state
- Upgrade the Burdekin Falls Dam and develop the Burdekin Hydro power project

Click here to view the State Government's fact sheet on the plan and here for the Premier's media release.

This is the first announcement for regional Queensland ahead of the State Budget on June 13, and is a key priority highlighted in Townsville Enterprise's 2017/18 State Budget Submission.

Water and energy are critical issues for North Queensland and there is a strong feeling in our community that Governments of all levels and persuasion need to back up any rhetoric with action.

Townsville Enterprise welcomes the Premier's announcement and looks forward to seeing these initiatives executed as quick as possible to ensure a tangible solution is delivered to the North Queensland community.

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