The Hells Gates Dam Feasibility Study is a North Queensland regional development project financed through the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund. 

Townsville Enterprise is responsible for delivering the $2.2 million study. It is examining in detail the dam’s engineering and financial feasibility as well as potential environmental and economic impacts. 

This feasibility study is primarily concerned with the potential to significantly expand agricultural production in the Townsville region with Hells Gates Dam as a secure water source.

The feasibility study is also exploring urban water supply options, though this is not the dam’s predominant purpose. 

The final report, due in April 2018, will provide government and potential investors with the information needed to determine if a business case exists to proceed with the Hells Gates Dam project. 

The first phase of the study project is complete. SMEC, a global leader in large-scale infrastructure developments, has been appointed to lead the investigations in collaboration with a number of local specialist consultants.

After reviewing historical data on the dam, the expert study group is now commencing the next phase of the project, working closely with local graziers, farmers and Councils to analyse soils, hydrology, geology, agronomy and conduct field observations. 

Detailed agricultural market assessments are also underway together with reviews of Indigenous land use, and opportunities for hydro-electricity generation. 

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 Further documents and information concerning the Hells Gates Dam Feasibility Study are listed below.