Townsville North Queensland is at the heart of the Northern Australia opportunity.

In February 2016, Infrastructure Australia released the Australian Infrastructure Plan, which projects that by 2031, Townsville will be the most prosperous regional economy in northern Australia after the Pilbara and among the top five in Australia.

The Infrastructure Plan follows the federal Government’s Northern Australia Infrastructure Audit, which identified  infrastructure gaps that are critical to meeting Townsville North Queensland’s population and economic growth opportunities.

Significantly, under every scenario considered in the Audit, not only will Townsville remain the largest urban centre over the next 15 years, but it grows at a faster rate than other northern cities. This development is predicted to be driven by three key growth areas in Queensland – the Burdekin (irrigated agriculture), the Galilee and Bowen Basins (coal) and the North West Minerals Province (base metals and other minerals) – all of which flow into the Townsville North Queensland economy.

In 2015, the Federal Government released the White Paper on Developing Northern Australia, setting out an investment and policy agenda to unlock the economic potential of Northern Australia.

This agenda will underpin Townsville Enterprise’s Economic Development focus in the coming year. Strong, united advocacy is vital to ensure our region is at the forefront of key infrastructure and policy commitments as Northern Australia’s future takes shape.